King of the Hill - Retirement Party Updates


Value packs have IF’s in them right now. That will change for the event. Hopefully the smiley face means some extra special packs?


Hopefully wood barricades as I won’t be buying them :+1:

@PGCrisis will barricades be removed from chests we buy? Given they have 0 value and can’t exchange them for any value I’d hope so?


Think of it as a wash. Extra energy packs but still getting barricades. Even if they removed barricades and siege weapons from chests, who knows what other crappy items they might have been replaced with.


What could be worse than barricades lol. I thought she said that weapons will be exchanged for energy packs at the same rate as what their drops give? Where are the extra energy? In any case no matter, def not buying any chests. Thanks for the info


If we can’t get an exchange for wood barricades then we shouldn’t receive them in chests period. You are wasting peoples hard earned chests.


PG knows some people will spend $ like water for event points. So they will be including everything needed for the event.


Despite not impact individual point scoring, barricades helps in team scoring indirectly.
Heal potion also doesn’t impact point scoring directly, as it is limited to energy.

Due to the reason, can the leftover barricades be exchanged with potions?
assuming that replacing them with anything to improve scoring directly isn’t allowed


Why…just… why are these things in there? Come on, this is a retirement party with a cash bar, dont put a turd in half the drinks. Nobody wants a martini that dirty :confounded::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


At the same time…if there are no barricades all the forts will die instantly…


please tell me you actually mean that the new event has also a RAID button?

Because quiet frankly I DO NOT LIKE PVP Events since they are either time consuming or consuming many hard eardned perks. KotH was the ONLY one where time/perk consumption could reasonably scale up with event points.


Frankly, KotH is the ONLY PvP event that I find to be palatable. It’s the only one that doesn’t suck, and one of only two that doesn’t dictate and impose its schedule on the players. I’m sad to see it go, and sceptical that any new replacement will be comparable and not fall into the same traps of time and money of the other PvPs.

So, thanks for killing off the one event I could actually stand.


IF gets you equivalent of 1 extra run, EP gives 4… id prefer EP unless they have 4x these amounts as IF


But, you’re not counting inflation for exchanging energy packs for said energy each round.


If you use a lot of energy packs, the rate changes to 6 energy packs for 4 attacks.
And thats if you do all single attacks.

Please don’t think like ‘IF is equivalent of 1 extra run, EP gives 4’. Think for a second lol.


Yeh chalk that down to a ‘and kids that’s why weed is bad for you’ moment :innocent:


You might be surprised how many don’t understand this basic concept and that the consumption rate of the two is definitely not equivalent. I am one of those that has an enormous stockpile of IF’s, partially because I primarily use super attacks, where that cost growth is higher than regular and because, for whatever reason, I seem to continue to get IF’s dropped at higher rates… though I acknowledge that the rate has decreased in the past few months, it still out paces EP consumption considerably.

I get that many would like more IF, but energy is the core consumable in PvP events and there are others who have the same imbalance that I have…well over 7k I believe…some reportedly have a similar stockpile of EP’s, though all of my teammates run out of those each event, too… so basically, there is a broad needs spectrum that hopefully isn’t going to be addressed from the small sample size of those clamoring for one or the other here. I am perfectly content with their decision as is, but obviously am biased…but no more biased than those pleading for IF’s.


Love these replies! I agree, nobody wants the trash u guys drop. And if it’s anyth like the tower boost rates, I definitely don’t want any! Replace with inner fire fires or nothing at all is better :+1:t2:


Do some single attacks instead then. 1 single attack with inners gives just as much points as a super.
Your stack of IF can go down pretty quick if you start doing single attacks once in a while.


Love these replies! I agree, nobody wants the trash u guys drop. And if it’s anyth like the tower boost rates, I definitely don’t want any! Replace with inner fire fires or nothing at all is better :+1:t2:


I’d love to hear a response to this pg. cuz I won’t be opening chests either if that’s the case