King of the Hill - Retirement Party Updates


Like useless tower boosts! I’ll never use 3k of these. STOP DROPPING AT HIGH RATES! They are the biggest waste of drops ever




At least they aren’t exchanging barricades for elemental embers, the new black pearl.

Energy is more useful than IF. No energy? Those 100 IFs are worthless.


Well, shoot, here I thought you understood the difference in consumption… telling me to do more regulars, though reducing the imbalance, does not balance it. The suggestion is utterly silly and contradicts your earlier comment to another player, but I suspect you meant well by it, so cheers mate.


Why does it not balance it? You can use three inners per run, so even when buying energy at peak price every 6 energy packs spent will also burn 12 inners when doing single attacks.


What time will we be starting? Super excited


Today is just the treasure hunting phase, battles will begin tomorrow


Since KotH doesn’t use inner fire but has a RAID button, it is logical to replace the siege items with energy packs. Especially if the event that replaces KotH ends up with a RAID button too. :vulcan_salute:


I need embers … where are you getting yours? :eyes:


Although I’m sad to see this event retired, I couldn’t be happier about keeping them in chests and the exchange rates.

Please just ignore the narcissistic ones who view everything in the game as though they’re the only tree in the forest.


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile:

Sorry about that, I thought I hit “Reply” to @GhostxDarkness’ post:

I believe these have now been changed.


Yep, I don’t get it. It’s as if Barricades never dropped for this event before. If people aren’t buying/using chests because of them now, then how does that change from what they previously did for this event?

I wonder how many people complaining about no exchange rate for barricades actually have a stock of them stored up. My guess would be 0.


Agree, I rarely got them from gold chests and even then the quantities were small enough that I would dum them all in a matter of seconds.


Simple thing if you don’t want the EP conversation then use your hard is that.
Stop whingeing about the what you get, PG doesn’t have to give us anything for our surplus but thought it would be a nice thing to do. For once I tip my hat to PG. Well done.
Please don’t let the new event use megacoins or all respect will be lost.


I had this feeling it was a going away party and there would be cool, possibly unique prizes :sob::sob::sob:


Sage weapons must be exchanged with energy packs according to the following which can be fair.
For every 1 Legendary Siege Weapons, players must receive 15 Energy Packs
For every 1 Epic Siege Weapons, players must receive 4 Energy Packs
For every 1 Common Siege Weapons, players must receive 1 Energy Pack


I assume you know this is German and means that you‘re looking forward to see something again.

So I‘ll also say auf Wiedersehen and hope I‘ll see KotH again one day, one of the best PvP events PG has made.


The only thing that even remotely annoyed me about this event was the fact that the rules said you can earn barricades by attacking other forts, when in fact you only earn a CHANCE at getting barricades by attacking other forts. Totally misleading


Compensation in the form of energy makes zero sense. Siege weapons boost points on attacks. So why is compensation not being done in inner fires as they serve the same function as siege weapons.

Also if an event is broken why isn’t it being taken down until issues aren’t resolved. Every other developer takes events offline when there are major issues since it makes fixing the problem less problematic and that some teams don’t benefit of they are lucky enough to have a fully functional event.


The event is very glitchy atm. Ie… not loading