King of the Hill - Retirement Party Updates


What happens if you have 1 legendary and 3 epics? do I not get anything for the plus 1?


They’ll round up


Has anyone else noticed changes in points? Destroyed 29k of HP, than I look and it dropped to 16k ??? Very strange my alt got something over 40k, but Team almost the same or less (I was not only one attacking). Seeing 3gold and 35 bronze, opening one bang all gone :thinking::thinking::thinking: Will not complain a lot since this is the last event and I like bonus meter etc. , but too many glitches for my taste.


I think siege weapons should be exchanged for inner fires. Siege weapons give a bonus to attacks which is what IFs do. That is the closer trade wouldn’t you say?

I never have enough inner fires so get more energy packs will be disappointing. I know some people rather have energy but by function, I think IFs are more appropriate.


Still waiting for this retirement “party”… This may be the lamest party I’ve ever been to :thinking:


@PGCrisis when will this occur, the exchange?


The timeframe is “after KotH ends / Breeding begins and before the next major event”. We are trying to aim for the end of this week or early next given this timeframe! :slight_smile:


By that time you’ll not know how many seize boosts you had left to trade


Dang it, should have taken screenshots so I could be sure I don’t get shortchanged by PG


I still have not received anything indicating my siege weapons have been exchanged. Others on my team seem to have received theirs.

How can I tell? I don’t remember getting a message.


You should have gotten a gift chest (like when event prizes come out).


Likewise I have not gotten that for either my main or alt accounts.

Have they actually done the swap yet? Or is it perhaps a silent swap without any gift chest?


You need to open a ticket if you did not get your exchange for the siege weapons.


I got chests on both my accounts and the chest had some sort of message saying that the contents were for my leftover siege weapons.


So I put in a ticket as suggested and not more than 30 minutes later I see the “restart required” pop up. I got my 62 energy packs credited.

Gotta be RECORD time. Thanks @PGJared (Alex really but props to the PX team!)



They were super fast with my ticket when I put it in the other day. However, if the amount you receive doesn’t equate to the amount of siege weapons you had it will take much longer for them to research and get you the right amount. Hopefully you have screen shot to prove they shorted energy packs.


Yep, they had the count right.


Lucky. I opened a ticket ~2 days ago. Support calculated how many siege weapons I had and told me to wait. Still haven’t gotten my energy packs and support haven’t responded again.


Wasn’t even a half hour. Maybe ask to escalate it?

Alex (wardragons)

Apr 16, 7:53 AM PDT

Hey FLAKnIceHole,

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

We checked your account logs and it seems that you have not been credited yet with energy packs. That said, we went ahead and manually replace your leftover siege weapons with energy packs.

Epic Siege Weapon 4 = 8 Energy packs
Legendary Siege Weapon 1 = 15 Energy packs
Rare Siege Weapon 234 = 39 Energy packs

In total, you should receive 62 energy packs that are claimable through the “wiggly” chest.

We hope this helps.



Apr 16, 7:31 AM PDT

Hello. I don’t seem to have gotten energy packs for my leftover siege weapons as I was told would happen.

Several teammates have gotten a chest similar to an event reward with theirs.

Is this still a work in progress? I posted to the forums and was told I should submit a ticket. Since I can’t see my inventory I have no way I know to check.

Thanks in advance.


I guess I will have to put in a ticket as well.

@PGJared how come we have to put in tickets to get this done? Wasnt it supposed to happen for everybody automatically?