King of the Hill - Retirement Party Updates


@PGJared @Arelyna

I sent a support ticket in for my missing energy packs and they blew me off. Agent Ralph T says I have to wait another week to get them. This will cause me to not be able to use them in the upcoming event.

Since others have already received theirs I consider this unacceptable. Also see above post from @FLAKnIceHole showing that for some people the support agents are fixing it upon request.

Can you please escalate ticket #1119054. Also can you please work this out so that everybody either has their energy packs by the start of the upcoming event so that the playing field is level. Thanks.


I’ll look into it.


You rock as always! I’m set now, but I feel like there are probably thousands of others who aren’t. Hope you get the situation straightened.


Should we be sending in a support ticket for case-by-case analysis, or will it be looked at largescale?


Right now, please send in a ticket.

Still no energy?

I had to open another ticket before I got any energy packs :roll_eyes:
I didn’t get 15 energy packs for each legendary siege weapon wtf.


They never said you would. You get 15 packs for every 2 legendary siege weapons, as listed by PGcrisis, this mail, and the in-game mail at the start of the event.


Did you see how many legendary siege weapons he had? Hence my comment lol :woman_shrugging:


I think you really did get 15 for your one legendary.

6.3 for rare rounded to 7
2 for your epic


they said you get 15 for every 2, rounded up so if you only had one you would still get 15.


Why i havent notifications from converting siege to energy pack? And my energy pack is not counting… but my friends have that notificatian and compensation @PGJared @Arelyna @PGCrisis


The way they described it was a bit misleading. It sounded like they would be rounding up with the number of siege weapons you had. ie 1-2 legendary would get you 15, 3-4 would get you 30. Instead they rounded up the energy packs. So if you had 3 legendary, it would be 3/2 * 15 = 1.5 * 15 = 22.5 rounded up = 23 packs. Would have been nice if they’d have clarified that from the start instead of just saying “yes we will be rounding up” but oh well.


Yes I know, she thought she didn’t get 15


You literally posted in a thread with people putting in support tickets for that very reason. Perhaps you should open a support ticket as well?



Already and clear.


Hi @Arelyna when you are back in the office would you be able to give me a response here before i go back to support on my ticket and let them try again to get the energy pack value correct?

Support confirmed that i had:

  • 1 legendary
  • 42 rare

Could you please confirm the amount of chests energy packs i should be receiving?


Can you PM me about this? Please include the ticket number!


My guess is 22


Why 22?

1 Legendary = 15/2 = 7.5 (round to 8).
42 rare = 42/6 = 7
total 15?


Because the original intent that I read was they wouldn’t give a portion. They would round up your weapons.