King of the Hill - Retirement Party Updates


That seems like a weird and kinda unfair way to do things tbh…


Wasn’t my idea, I could find the thread or in game mail. Why would it be unfair if they did it for everyone?



Ignore the circle, that was to answer the “when”. Too lazy to circle the “we will round up” (though I agree it’s subject to interpretation since they didn’t say what they would round and when). But they did round my siege weapons and others’ up.


I mean it would be unfair to grant the same energy packs to people with one or two legendary siege weapons. One of them got the benefit of half a legendary drop, and shouldn’t be credited the full amount.

Also I don’t see anything in the mail that suggest the number of siege weapons will be rounded up instead of the packs. In fact it clearly states it will reward equivalent to chest drops in that category. One legendary siege weapon is the equivalent of a legendary drop that was half used.


Not trying to argue, just saying if you scroll up you’ll see that others got 15 for just having one legendary. Maybe the PX messed up due to interpretation of the intent. I guess if you’re happy with what you got, you’re good. If you’re not, then file a ticket because you have a case for an alternative payout with screenshots.

I will spend my energy quickly so as not to have it taken away.


This event is an energy hog so that won’t be hard and like Panda, I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

Cheers and happy flying!