King of the Hill?

Why has it been so long since this event has run? It’s been like 5 months.

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Apparently they’re changing it :roll_eyes:. Sigh.

Last time we had it was at Thanksgiving. I remember because my best friend was visiting while the event was running and I helped her do her runs :blush:

Because according to the other thread PG says it’s unpopular.

It’s a pain in the ass and gives you all these drops that are useless outside of that singular event.

:point_up_2: PG plant :eyes: nice try.

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Translation, it’s an event that non-spenders can excel at.


As a non spender I hate cashing in my earned rubies during that event only to get saddled with shields that benefit me none.

Good thing sieges drop aplenty and gold chests are barely even needed (not to mention legendaries dropping x2, and being way more useful than mega coins). To each their own.

As some have suggested in other threads, it may be that some of these older events are coded in a manner that makes them challenging to modify without breaking them. Anyone who has worked with code written by someone else who is no longer available and who did not provide good annotations can relate to this. It is (almost) always easier to build something new than to change or add to something you did not program yourself.

It may also be that KoTH will return and not be “ruined.”

Only PG can answer those two questions. I happen to like KoTH. The “bonus meter” is still there, although in a different form, and raid is pretty much the best thing ever.

I hope we do see it again.


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