Kingdom (Boring Wallet) wars

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Firstly in 2 lines, let me thank PG for making this game. It is deep and as compared to others its was not a just a wallet game.

However the new Kingdom wars is very depressing event by design. There are many reasons and I will note a few

  1. Ur starting poing decides ur fate:
    If u get 2-3 neighbors that were in top 5 in last PvP, u r screwed
    If ur neighbors are slackers ur lucky

No one will cross half the map because the PvE hex cost way too much energy and the level
350 base gives shitty points. U have FORCED us to attack stupid PvE bases repeatedly or 1-2 enemies only. My team hasnt event attacked more than 21 of the teams in our league and i am sure 90% teams wont attack more than 2-3 enemy teams

  1. Pathetic event points:
    To get the legendary rage rune, i need 100 k points.
    If I do a super with 3 IFs on a 350 lvl base, i get 700 points. So 150 attacks in 4 days, 35 super attacks per day.
    Thats 35 x 20 = 700 energy per day. So 200 energy packets per day! A gold chest gives 4 or 16 energy packets at best. On top of that 105 InnerFires. Just to reach the legendary rage rune. Thats about $300… This is a BIG rip-off and if u continue player WILL leave the game. Or atleast hate PG but continue playing because we have friends who are nice and helpful. Its a pure function of who has the bigger wallet takes the prize. Might aswell have a bidding system and give the prizes to highest bidder

  2. PvE hex Hp
    A small hex in Diamond 2 costs a whooping 30 k energy. Its been 2 days and only 1/2 the hexes are conquered. There is no mobility at all. Many teams have just 1 hex and some nearby enemy has bullied them into submission. There is a huge difference in the spends of D1 and D2 or S1 and S3. U got this math completely wrong.

  3. Bullying not curbed
    Every league has 1-2 bullies. These bullies are actually meant to be in a higher league but they stay in lower league so that they can bully. They love to bully and every person who likes to bully joins a bully team. This bully team has average player level and spend, way more than any other team in the league

Fortunately between 25 teams tolerating 1-2 bullies is painful but possible. PG did well in curbing bullies, eg. in win the world, the team with more area gives more HP or in KOTH once an enemy held a fort for long it deteriorates and gives more points plus more bounty. In tug of war the flag of bully is more worth. So PG with their ingenuinity united all good players in different teams to curb the bully team to some extent.

In this particular event u forgot to curb bully. To make it worse, this bully can only bully his 3-4 neighbors. So if ur neighbor is big bully, u should close the game and reopen after pvp event.

Good things:
The PvE level is a little on higher side but better than 110 level


  • Every 6 hours make it a freah start with new Town start point. Then ur fate is not tied to where ur team starts.
  • Energy reset every 6 hours, if u want the game to do well u want activity and not direct wallet groping
  • With time open higher level monuments to better teams, club the better ones and lower ones like coliseum or similar in concentric circles. Put higher level lands in inner circles or higher tiers.
  • Reduce the HP of a hex to 1/3rd
  • Introduce the energy bonus meter
  • A hex held for more than 1 hr should slowly deteriorate and start giving more points to attackers
    The points given by 350 base should be 125, equivalent to the highest base in enemy team. This will incentivize ppl to not bully low level teams and hit all the hexes first.



I feel like most of what was said in this thread was said in other ones🤷‍♂️



A good summary. I found myself feeling frustrated and demoralized and wanting to avoid this event already but had not put time into working out why. There is an aspect of chance in where you are placed and who is next to you. Teams at the edge have sea behind them so have less to defend than those of us in the middle who fight on three fronts to stay static with no time to gain more ground.

The HP of the starting hexes is high. For players who didnt win the siege engine exchange lottery so can only do basic energy attacks without innerfire trying to kill a hex is like trying to crush a brick using repeated flailings with a wet noodle.

It is true that this event requires a heavy spend on energy packs. It is nice to see that they do drop in chests, but it takes a lot of them to get even 5 energy chest rewards… just enough to make you hope that another 50 bronze chests and you can do 100 energy again, and make a visible dent in the HP for once.

So I persist, but with less hope and enthusiasm than I had at the start.


I agree with all you have said. KOTH was my favourite PVP event, and this is a very poor replacement.


I doubt anyone from PG will respond but a great thread anyways


I agree, I don’t particularly Liike this new event. I hate that it takes so long for your Energy to reset and I don’t like the “Quest” part I don’t know how many times I’ve completed my quest & never got credit for them and PG hasn’t done anything about it.


I wanted to write the same. It can’t be said better.
The idea of this event is good. But it need big changes. From the beginning i only hitted one base. Always the same, the highest of my neighbour team, almoste hundred times. Boring


yup, first event i literally can’t be bothered with. Hit my 15k for the team, and i still have 64 energy left. And i could really care less if i even use that up. Can’t be bothered to put the effort in for going after sigil prizes even. way to high an energy expenditure/inner for rewards received. i should thank you though pg; saturday morning and already sick of the event; so now i can relax for the rest of the weekend without putting much more game time in.


Where is the raid button? I want it back lol


Very good comments on this event. KOTH was the best pvp event. The new event is boring and not worth the effort.


This is the first event that I am ignoring since starting the game. We got lucky enough to be placed next to the biggest spenders in the league. They use mega attacks like they are free. Can’t gain any ground so basically a waste of time and energy hitting the same team over and over again. I like that pg has been trying new things but this wasn’t thought out enough.


I would still would Love to hear those who voted on this :man_facepalming:

I hope They are not bored cause im freaking bored.


I agree with this. I think starting positions needs to be looked at.

No one is a bit of a stretch. I think that movement perhaps needs to be looked at for this as well. The difficult part is the balance of easy movement without letting Mega Coins completely suffocate things. The balance, thus, needs to be on the Mega Coin end (as usual).

I think they forgot to fix the prizes. The event was stated to have a version of the bonus meter at the least, but it wasn’t working in time. This, I agree, is a serious issue.

I don’t see this as an issue personally. I think it gives time to counter and cut a team off and it makes this event a long game versus a (1st day) game.

This is a sign that the prize structure between subleagues needs to be fixed. Pure and simple.

Oh I strongly disagree. That takes long thinking strategy away entirely. Normally my team isn’t a strong PvP team for our league (D2) but this event takes a lot more thinking. If only we could get rid of the luck of the draw aspect.

Easy yes from me.


Most ill thought-out event so far. If this an arrempt to get us to like
KotH, it worked. Unintended consequences. Alienating teams.
And the normal lack of response or compassion.


They also need to fix the mismarked bases one of my players alts is listed as a 251 but is only a level 60? I think… once the big team next door (read bully) figured this out thats all theyve been hitting… she finally just quit the team to stop giving them free points… but she shouldnt have to lose out because pg cant get it together

Definitely agree. This event is horrible. It completely depends on your placement. If you get lucky you should be fine but if you are next to a very heavy hitter, there’s no point.

The team that is next to ours is waiting until we almost take a territory and then using mega coins to cut us of from it. So all of our attacks are going to waste. I can’t even blame it on the team because PG is the one giving them the tools to make this the most boring event ever.


I agree. Cool concept, but really not fun at all.


I really think this needs the new PvP strategies/things they mentioned just aren’t ready. Aka like a new bonus meter that isn’t touched by a mega coin (wishful thinking). I think this event had a hell of a lot of potential


I also enjoy the concept of this event. It’s fun to watch your territory grow and try to cut other teams off from their territory and prevent them from doing the same to you.

I really wish PG would ditch the Mega Coin though. It ruins every PvP event imo. The worst is Team Gauntlet where PvP islands go down in minutes.

I don’t use them except for The Pits where it is pretty much required. I try to prevent my teammates from using them too. Telling PG that we don’t like them has had little effect, the only way is to show them.