Kingdom (Boring Wallet) wars


If this is the direction that PG intends to go with their events, I may just have to not waste time, money, or my energy on such a useless excuse for an event. There is literally no balance to it.

To be honest, unless they limit the amount of squares a team can conquer as they did with KoTH and now Atlas, balance the points vs cost, balance the blackbloods DP, lower square hp, and quite a few more things already mentioned, this event will be the “Ooh, time to take a break from WD again” event


Hi @TheRedDelilah

If the starting points are fixed then u will be forced to attack just a few neighbours. This time you are lucky you dont have a base set right besides Lethal. If you were where we or LeagueOfSouls was you would be cursing it. Point is you need to be able to attack all 24 teams some point in your event.

About the tier structure, while I agree on different tier rewards by league tiers. There is no curb on bullying and I think you are not able to appreciate the beauty of: fort deterioration in KOTH or giving more points in Conquer the world when u go above 60 k acres. Or your flags costing more in Tug of war.


Mega coins should be allowed ONLY in events where u have 6 hrs reset in my opinion…

They killed KOTH only because megacoins and hence the ability to earn money was limited. (In my opinion)



Oh I agree we got lucky! I’m more of a fan of leaders picking their own spots.


I have to say I enjoy a lot this event mechanism, a good refresh I believe. But the prizes are just too hard, since apparently they were designed to a bonus meter. I just got 19k points and I believe I’m almost done, just at 275 sigils. Just reaching the 19k for the team objectives and contributing when needed from now on.
Lots of potential but no tangible worthy rewards.


I really like the idea of the map being reset every now and then. Maybe every day or two days so it still takes planning??

Our team got stuck in a triangle between the three top teams. The whole top of the map is empty, yet every space we take, two more get taken from us. We really can’t move… we are down to our capital and two other spaces.

Since the we don’t seem to get any points for conquering a space, and only points if we hold it (which doesn’t happen because the other teams instantly punish us for looking their direction lol), we really don’t have many options for the event, and despite having a very active team, our efforts are becoming increasingly futile. The teams at the top of the map are not having any problems… they come up against each other and fight, but they can always expand in other directions.

I really thought I was going to like this event, but I’ve found it really frustrating. I hope a solution can be found that teams don’t get stuck in situations like this for the entire event.


I actually really like this event concept and have been enjoying it. I definitely think it needs tweaked, particularly with some of the points OP mentioned, but I appreciate that there is some long-term strategy and it doesn’t necessarily come down to the last 15 mins of a round or the last day on who does well.

My team did seem to luck out with position somewhat and the teams around us, so that likely affects my viewpoint. Likely if we had been sandwiched between the first and second place teams for example, it would be much less fun and we wouldn’t be doing so well.

I think this could be interesting - would teams get randomly assigned a number where they could pick a spot or base off of team ranking or some other metric?


Honestly, this is the first event I actively hate. If your team only has three or four heavy hitters and you end up next to teams that are loaded with heavy hitters, you don’t stand a chance. At this point, I’m just in it for personal points and sigils.


I’d like it if we all were assigned a random spot (like now) but a leader could move it during treasure hunt once.


What about doing drafts based on league placement at the time of treatment hunt? Would then be beneficial to be ranked higher in the league


Letting teams choose their positions… Wouldn’t everyone just turtle up with their league allies…?


That could actually add an interesting dynamic and encourage more interplay within the league.


Maybe if it was an arena map with rounds. I plan to do a post-event write up of our results and what mechanics I observed/enjoyed. I’ll talk about spontaneous event politics as well.


I would think not. If you were surrounded just by allies, where would you progress? It would limit your options for growth.


No it wouldn’t, lol… three allies on the coast could claim multiple monuments while having only one flank exposed (each) and could co-push teams at the same time.


I even don’t open event mape waste of time


This would’ve been something useful for the GPF to test. Did they?


Can’t help but think that these events go on for way too long … i’m over this one already.


Theres a few things that need to be tweaked but other than that, this is a solid event.

Starting location does not seal your fate if you play the right strategy. Im not gonna give my team’s strategy but we started in a tough spot and we’re doing pretty good.

Points need to be scaled better. Theres teams that have players 40 levels apart, but they are only worth 1 point difference. I saw it on a sapphire team. Lowest level was an 87 and next player was 128.

Basic territories should have less hp. 20k takes forever unless the multiple players are using megas. Or give more points for higher levels. 100 points for the top base is a joke.


So you think, if a leader chooses right spot the team should enjoy a huge benefit through out the event and if the leader chooses a bad one all 50 players feel bullied.

What if 2 or more teams want the same area? No one would be willing to go in the center other than big teams. Plus, even if every leader has the choice he would not know where other teams are unless it is after the event starts. I mean, it is impossible and inprqctical to give 1 person the choice. I would select a spot right beside a level 2 towards and end of the map.