Kingdom (Boring Wallet) wars



May be in sapphire or platinum league it is slightly better. Look at it in Diamond 2 league score card (attached). The team ranked 1 has 3 times the points of rank 2 team and its not even half the event yet.

There are 3 teams which are reduces to 1 hex by this Rank 1 team. You think any strategy of yours would work if your team loses any hex within 30 mins of u conquering it? All those who think this event is good are just lucky that they dont have a big bully besides them or they themselves are a bully.

I am not saying stop the event. I have 5-6 clear suggestions which could improve the event



To the OP… @KingSlayer what do you consider being “bullied”? I feel like for the most part any time people face a situation that doesn’t grant them an advantage they’re being bullied lol


What @Panda says. I never got what bullies mean in game. Is it players with a high level activity and/or resources?


@Panda How bout the score board in D2 league. Its not about not going our way. 1 team has clearly out ranked ALL others by 3 times or more score. Teams that are usually rank 2-5 being below 15 because of 1 team bullying these neigbors.

@EvilNat what league do you play? Platinum…


Hmm you still haven’t defined bullying, what have they done that your team cannot do as defined by the game mechanics? Other than that, it’s just a difference in strength.

On the other side, I agree PG should stop rewarding sand bagging. But that’s been said for months and their response seems to be IDGAF


Yeah I got my 15k yesterday. Thinking twice re buying more energy from now on. Maybe I’ll play with the free energy only…


S2 mate

Edit: just for the record it can happen in all leagues


Most of my team’s big spenders arent not even participating in this event. They say that they decided to spend the money on sigil chests instead of on this event.

Didnt understand their point of view, but i guess u have prpven their point. XD


If you’re on a team with a leader who can’t even perform basic strategy such as picking a starting spot that’s best for your team, find a new team.

If a team is there, you can’t select it. I’d also say you have to give a 1 hex buffer.

Depends on your strategy and the layout of the map. I’m actually in the center ish and I love our spot. Right next to LD too actually. We just happen to be in a corner they don’t much care about since there is more interested things elsewhere.

I’d say: random placement for everyone, Leader can move it once. You could choose to wait until everyone else moves their piece and make an informed decision, but possibly lose your “ideal” place. Or. Move it early and possibly have a big team near you. Pros and cons. Strategy.

I disagree. If you don’t trust your team leader to make such a basic choice, that’s your issue. Speaking as a team leader, I feel it should be my choice and my choice alone. Would I speak with me team? Hell yes I would. But the actual mechanic I believe should be just mine.

I of course think there should be limitations, such as:

  1. Not where another team is
  2. Not within 1 hex of another team
  3. Not within 1 hex of a minor monument
  4. Not within 2 hexes of a major monument.

Oh look. Have a picture that shows some of the limitations I’m suggesting.


I’m not entirely convinced this will work. The placement of monuments and capitals is already pretty evenly distributed. There really aren’t many ‘ideal’ spots on an empty map - you could choose to be slightly closer to particular monuments, or whether you’d like to be near a coast, but absent other teams there’s not really much else, is there?

I feel it would nearly always come down to seeing where other teams land, and therefore who can leave it latest. That likely favours the teams whose leaders will be online right before the event starts - another inadvertent timezone bias.

Given the current position of capitals is pretty fairly spread out, why not do it by seeding based on current rating / league position? Either deliberately spread out or cluster the big teams (not sure which is better!), or make them pick their capitals based on that order.


I think it’s currently done in order, randomly. (Meaning I think they spread people out based on league, but league rank isn’t indicative of PVP ability). The issue with letting people pick in that order is if the person ahead of you doesn’t pick/isn’t online in time.


It wouldn’t be empty, teams would be randomly placed with the option to relocate. She said this in the first sentence you quoted.

League rating =/= pvp performance. And especially for the sandbag subleagues (D2, S1, S3, P1, etc,), the teams are just trying to stay in that league and not go too far from the middle of league rank.


Yes, but that’s my point - it’s the position of the other teams that determines what ‘ideal’ is, and if they all get to move then where they start is irrelevant.

Take your point about the league rating and PvP performance - just grasping for some other decider that isn’t just ‘who blinks first’.


Yeah, you’re right, that won’t work either.


I trust my leader more than myself or any player in the game. I think you are thinking only about diamond teams. There are platinum and sapphire teams and leader may be offline or at work or sleeping.

It will be a big mess for all of those…

let’s just say the starting point is screwed up.


Yes it was forgotten or not ready in time… but will it be corrected and proper prizes handed out…doubtful. We may get a oh sorry heres 4 gold chests, yay! Lol…
I find it funny that we get energy chests for our leftover KOTH boosts then have an event that requires we use them all plus a ton for anything worthwhile.


One of the biggest issues I see with map balance is this event was designed with every team giving a shit and trying. Given the level of monetization and boring factor I would say the majority of the teams either never started or stopped caring. That just makes the map go crazy because the balance mechanics break even further.


All pvp events are broken while points are not given relative to relative sizes you attack rather than their place in their team. Those with big levels can’t be touched, and can walk over others. Let alone the buying of success. Nothing will change. Get the impression more and more just attend events, no point wasting time and efffort.

I don’t hold with the boring stuff of others. It’s the constant call for ‘different’ that seems to destroy games. Novelty wears off fast. Take away events and event dependant dragons completely. Dump the runes, riders, Atlas, special currencies,for new towers.
Put in non league point dependant wars, fun wars, for war dragons.


My team has a total disconnect from this event weve managed to stay in top ten because a few of us are super stubborn but my small guys are dejected because everyond is defending like crazy thanks to the quests :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: so theyre left w blackbloods which thank you for remodeling those bases but they give crap points and only so many people i can back for run after run… oh and a big thanks to @Arelyna for fixing our problem :dragon_face::dragon_face::dragon_face:


Thank you for your post! I agree with 99% of it!