Kingdom (Boring Wallet) wars


I myself agree with only 80% of it at a given point in time. Tomorrow i might feel something can be improved further. I think most of us agree with the core that this event us flawed and needs some major rework to make it fun again.

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Please any response on the tread woud be highly appreciated by many. Even a line that we have read and discussing how to solve some problems (acknowledgement) will go a long way.



omg Best comment ever!!


I agree the event is flawed and no fun…I really don’t think it can be fixed without a lot of changes to include getting rid of the mega coin. PG has shown no interest in doing that so they may as where scrap it.


I totaly agree. My team in the middle of Hi level teams.
We are squeezed like a sanwiches, and hopelessly protect our teritories.
Beside, inner fire, and energy box if rarely droped.
I open almost a hundred boxes and the total inner fire i got is about four or five.
I think, it is good, if we conquered a teritory. We should earn a part of Vp point and own at least 1/3 duration of the reset time before it been open for other team to attack.


hi all…I’ve b hearing players dissatisfaction tt some teams start with a disadvantaged if they’re place in d middle of d map…why don’t PG 2be fair 2all teams & starts every teams @d coast of island… & all major mountuments b place in d middle w/minor ones along d route towards it…then if teams don’t want 2b cut off fr their major mountuments they’ve 2protect their route… just my 2¢ suggestion


This is i think what bully means.

Sometimes we dont sellect the league. And random play also makes things skewed. We fought it out with a lvl 75 on a pvp square leader was lvl 15 at the time none of us over 30. The scaleing of cost ended in our favor as they were the only one playing most of the event. The rest of s3 did nothing. Except the weekenders down south.

Cor silver 3 it was scalled ok 4,16,coin. Refill is what killed i went to 4packs:16 energy and stopped. Luckly pve was 800 points. Or 10 attacks.


It’s not really bullying if no one else is playing lol


I’m not sure how that’s bullying, when one glance at the map shows it’s an inactive league and nobodies castle is 100% surrounded.


I don’t understand why someone would take so much time to put together a post like this but still fail at adding a few extra letters to complete the words ‘you’ and ‘are’.

edit: I agree with the post in general, but the u and r are like nails on chalkboard to me :frowning:


Guys if you are going to complain, at least try to offer a suggestion. Dont just troll andbe negative about everything. As for the basic mechanics and new idea i applaud pg. however the effort required to take land especually in higher leagues can be a bit outrageous and seems like a money grab from pg to require megacoins… maybe add some element of defense. Where koth had seige and barricades maybe something siMilar could be added. Or infrastracture. Add walls around our kingdoms or part of them. Or each member has a defender in which we could move around the map patrolling. And being able to attack the same pkater over and over and ooooover shouldnt be allowed either. Hope something here helps generate some new ideas…


Colour coding would help too.

And just an aside… wallet groping is a corporate favourite here :joy: won’t be able to avoid that. They’d physically force your thumb onto the pad if they could… but alas mental manipulation is the only means they have… clever way to make us hate ourselves more than we hate PG when it comes to spending…


I agree with all said and with a little bit of tweaking this could be a fantastic event
It certainly was fun and has a lot of potential the ball is in the hands of pg
Please take this as more of constructive criticism not complaining.


Fighting the same player from the same team all weekend is REALLY boring.


Better than only being able to hit for max points once every 20 attacks or so…

I agree it was not fun, but the points/reward ration was bad enough without making it even harder to get points.


My team was stuck on the coast with the two teams that finished 1st and 2nd between us and the mainland. We also had a geographic feature that limited us a little. My team was initially discouraged because the 1st place team had a few much higher level players who were able to take territory much faster. We rallied but because of our position we had a hard fight all weekend. Any other location and we would have done much better but it wouldn’t have been nearly the challenge that it was for us.

There isn’t an easy solution for regulating attacks. I basically attacked 2 players all weekend. Why because they had the most points for the least amount of effort. When your attacks are limited by energy it is what you need to do.


I think it was necessary for them to allow players to be hit repeatedly. Otherwise sandbagging teams with mostly higher level players than their opponents could surround another team and prevent that team from taking any land or earning any personal points.

Kind of like this situation:

If there are at least a few players that the higher level players on the non-sandbagging team can defeat repeatedly, then they are able to get themselves out of that situation and hopefully to a target that the rest of their team can get points from.


That’s what worries me about the “raid” button. Typically we haven’t been able to hit the same target over and over, so getting points might be harder beyond the benefits of three raid button uses. Guess we’ll see.


I understand why being able to hit the same player was allowed, and I have no problem with it in theory. We were harassed by another team and I simply got bored hitting the same player literally all weekend. I would have preferred hitting others, but that option wasn’t readily available.


Maybe PG could reset the board halfway through the event and and move everyone’s base to a new positions, and teams that have monuments keep them untiĺ another team takes them over. Also they could get rid of the mega coin as it takes away the strategy element of the event.


There were too many replies, and they all appeared similar (then again, I did not read them all). So my question is, did PG respond??