Kingdom (Boring Wallet) wars


Did anyone even compete in the event? It does not look like bullying, it looks like only 1 or 2 teams chose to participate :thinking:.


Only issue is every team will want the edges for protection. So it’s first in best dressed. Not very fair.


I wouldn’t actually…


Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for all your comments. Please see the link below where I have asked for some changes which could fix this event to a good extent.

Please leave a like and we can hope that PG takes note :slight_smile:



I cannot get behind them scaling the flames for spenders. (as you suggest for super and mega)

The wildfire bonus should help those who are grinding out the event, not helping the rich get richer


Yup. They changed it alright. I mean, they upped the BB points. Everything else? Yeah, not so much.



If u see, for a mega that’s worth 30 attacks I have added only 100 flames instead of 150!

So it does help the grinders More than Spenders!





It’s capped at 80


I have suggested to move that cap to 400


Yeah no. This doesn’t solve the issue that I have which is for every one single mega attack you are just handing over another x% of points for the exact same effort.

This wildfire should be kept as a bonus for using a less desirable tactic to compete in events, not to help people strictly using MegaCoins to get a better score for a fraction of the effort.

So I am 100% in disagreement about this point


Well if it were for me I would like the Mega coin banned itself… For any event where energy cost reset is 24 hrs. However the problem that you are missing is the current wildfire is just like a 20% bonus for normal attackers and 6% bonus for super attackers. This needs to be somewhere near 50% for normal attackers and 40% for super attackers and about 20% effective for mega attackers or something on those lines.



I believe this is really the worst event they have ever created. Boring boring boring.

I’m playing WD since almost 2.5-3 years, so not a novice

Retire it please. Give back king of the hills!!

I was also loving the “solo” event PG was launching as mid-week event during just 2 days.


It’s pretty bad when “Capture the Flag” is a more interesting event than this one. Did anyone at PG actually think this through when they discussed it? Exactly WHAT did they think would happen?

There are 24 other teams in my league, but if I continue to play, I will be attacking the same ONE BASE on ONE TEAM fighting over the SAME FOUR TILES for the entirety of the weekend. How could anyone think THAT would be fun?

@PGCrisis this event SUCKS! It puts the “uck” in SUCK. Please retire it and burn the code for it. But keep one copy, and take everyone of “the team” who thought this would be fun, lock them in a room, and force THEM to play this all weekend.

Bring back KotH.


I like this event, a lot actually. I’d certainly like to see some changes especially around starting point, but I really like this event.


May I ask you to expand? I must be doing something wrong. Same team, same target (granted by choice) over and over and over again my friend (isn’t that a song?)


(edit, yes it’s “Eve of destruction” and not a coincidence I picked that song)


Maybe it’s just the time slots I’m able to play, but so far all I’ve been able to hit is the same Titan 250 base about 50 times. It’s become an XP exercise and it’s quite boring, but I also don’t know what I’d change. I prefer these bases to the previous Blackblood bases. I really miss the raid button because it becomes monotonous hitting the same base over and over but then it would make the transfer of bases too quick when you are hitting an actual team. They could raise the score needed to take the tile to compensate, but they just lowered it.

I suppose at this point all I can think is, I miss KotH.


Please do elaborate on exactly what makes this event so likeable. What are the rest of us missing or doing wrong?


Well I do think that everyone likes different things. Just because I like this event doesn’t mean I feel others necessarily have to. That being said, I like:

  1. There is a strategy to this, especially regarding targeting. Do you go out in every direction, do you beeline to a monument, do you make an ally/agreement, do you fortify then go for another monument, do you cut people off, etc.
  2. We can specifically target where we want to expand our land to, unlike Conquer had.
  3. That we can hit both Computer and Real bases
  4. The active global teams that are online throughout the day targeting and attacking have an advantage over people who have a “dark spot”.
  5. Teams you are attacking cannot counter attack the same hex that they own. They need to cut you off elsewhere instead or lose the hex.
  6. A pseudo bonus meter is at least being thought of to reward free players (use that free energy and get five flames).

But, I’d change:

  1. Starting position mechanics
  2. A mechanic to save/protect a team that’s been surrounded.
  3. The numbers of the wildfire attack (less flames, more points).

That’s what is on the top of my head while I wait in line at the movies.


I totally agree. I’m liking this event too—gives me something to tell my teammates other than “just attack somethin’, buddies.” What movie are ya seein? :t_rex: