Kingdom Event fix it or trash it


Do you know the boardgame Zargos? I used to play it while I was a student.

The idea is that there are island placed on a circle and the goal is to beat your opponents and conquer the central island owned by demons. There are special attributes than can be used to change the course of the game and battles.

I’d love to have kingdom wars change towards something like that…


So you mean… temple raid?


So people are no longer allowed to offer an opinion about an event, unless its positive.



Reshuffle everything every 24hrs, and completely reset the board. Teams keep the points they earned previously.


Its designed to provoke hostility…


I only had 2 issues with the event: First, I hardly got any inner fires for all the chests I opened and, second, when I won silver chests in battle I never got them in the Armory.


You got your silver chests, it’s just that the armory is showing runic chests right now. When the runic chests disappear again, you’ll be able to see all the silver chests you earned.


I like this event, the one I hate is Fight Pits where only 30 minutes of each round matter and outcome is completely determined by megacoins.

I think it could be improved by allowing capitals to move. Maybe 1 hex per hour, or every 24 hours you can pick up and move anywhere on the map. That way if you get a really bad location you can fix it.


Actually last time I started a thread about kingdoms wars PG ended up with loads of constructive criticism.

Did anything change this time round? Nope, not a thing.

One thing you can be certain of, is players do not like this event & want it scraped/gone/replaced. It’s that simple. It requires no further reason or embelishment of a reason.
And every time we discuss it, it’s clear PG remove an event that was liked & replaced it with one we don’t.


I think the map changed. Not structurally, just graphically.

Though I could be wrong. I hate that event so much I may have gone into a fugue state every time I entered it.


*Wooooooo a map change!

*insert sarcasm to suit…


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