Kingdom or temples

Anyone knows which is next event?

You’ll find out tomorrow

It should be Kingdom Wars though

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I hope if’s kingdom they fixed it


KW is next


Temple was first event of the season if I’m not mistaken


Week 7 Kingdom warS
Week 8 Fortification
Week 9 Temple Raid
Week 10 Breeding
Week 11 Team Gauntlet
Week 12 Fortification
Week 13 Fight pits

There you go



Please no more temples, I’m tired of the grinding :sob:

:rofl: well it seems PG is reluctant to do KW again :rofl:

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I agree… temples are a very tedious and annoying grind — but they are easy points. Something just needs to be added to either:

  • Speed up the process (like, maybe… add a Krelos for every tier in TR? :eyes:)
    - or -
  • Make it an instantaneous completion (like, maybe… a raid feature, or button/toggle that allows us to do all temples with one single action)
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How is this false? Do I need too look at Zamira’s thing

Because week 7 is Gauntlet, not Kingdom Wars and week 11 PROBABLY wont be Gauntlet. I would expect week 11 to be FP and week 13 to be KW but then again you never know with PG

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: week 7 is Kingdom Wars that’s tomorrow

Nvm god bless America PG stop changing your events. :joy::joy:

Tomorrow is Team Gauntlet.

Im very happy they changed it, though technically there was nothing to change. People just assumed it was Krapdom Wars

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Lmao my bad we all were prepared for sequencing for ammo rune so technically Fiery and everyone else are now playing sad violin music

Woohoo gauntlet

People guessing wrong bases on patterns of the past really isn’t pg changing anything