Kingdom war 2.0 adjustments suggestions


New version of kingdom war is pretty intense… that s pretty much comparable to controlling 10 sz access castles in atlas…

That event is really time consuming for officers, even more than an atlas week honestly… and communication with the team is really hard as we have no way to really point out which tiles need to be focused on, cities needing to be conquered or so.

So here are a couple of suggestions, if you want to maintain that event, in order to make it way more playable, enjoyable, and time saving for officers that already burnt by atlas weeks, and players. please let us breath a bit :sweat_smile:

As it currently is… it’s just something that will put any officer of any active team into depression.

Here are the suggestions

  • While seeing list of cities, please sort these cities by HP, instead of however they are sorted by actually

  • please add an option that permits to add dragons to all cities owned on a tile by simply ticking the dragons from a list and it will automatically assign selected dragons to the cities. Instead of doing it one by one… assigning dragons to a full tile takes about 10 minutes… RN…

  • while adding dragon defenders, add a “Sort by HP” option so we easily find best dragons :slight_smile:

  • while adding dragon defenders, please remove the already assigned dragons from the list.

  • when a tile we own is currently being attacked, or has been in the last 3 -5 minutes, make its contour flash in red, so we know which tile needs attention (without needing to be spammed inbox with a “Hey mate, you’ve lost a city (somewhere)“ message

  • on the right leaderboard screen (on map view), please give us the opportunity to see again how much Vp/ hour our ennemies get, like it was before… so we can more easily evaluate, if we can afford saving for a later push or not. Right now, we have no way to evaluate the incomes of others…

  • on owned territories, give us the ability to keep it marked, so teammates know we need them to keep conquering cities on that specific tile to prevent an eviction or so.

  • Please give us a green mark, to point teammates where we want them to assign dragons ASAP… “up north of the second minor monument we have at East, count two tiles east… is pretty evasive to give them a location”

  • As we pay full price to conquer some tiles… but the price to conquer those back decreases by the time till it reaches 1 point… please, give VP bonus increasing with the time we own the tiles… to reward active défenses… and territory control… and discourage some teams to just stack energy over time and make a serious push 2 days later… and take over the entire map at no cost… leaving no way to counter that… as they basically conquer tiles at 1 hp… while it ll cost us at least 1500 to take these back…

I m intentionally not mentioning the series of glitches we are having in the event, assuming you re already working of it. All these are pure suggestions to make the event more enjoyable, and improve strategy, as right now, it s a pure nightmare for officers.

Please @PGGalileo , help


Only border hexes has HP decay. All internals don’t, if they are surrounded. Also points given for owning over time, so half of event those hexes added vp for you. Capturing them doesn’t give points immediately.

One thing that bothers me is that “defence”. Do we have limit on players who protect the base on hex? Experts after abyssals gives about 500 hp. 50 players will make it 25k. And to get hex, you need to take over 9 such bases, 6 megas each, so 54 megas for 1 tile… that’s a bit ridiculous. It’s better now, while not all players understood the event, but mght become a serious problem later. So might be worth to add " Limit defenders per base" to the list.

Also, would be nice, if from list of bases (or cities, or how they called now) you returns back, you are at the previous list. Now when you go from map to hex, then Attack, then chose one from 16, and returns - you are thrown back at map. So you need to go to same cell (remember, which one it was?), wait for loading some info again, and click another one from 16.

P.S. I like the rest of suggestions )

But it seems like the hexes that was surrounded with other hexes controlled by one team immediately lose a chunk of hp once they are exposed (can others confirm?). The rules mentioned their hp doesn’t decay until its exposed though so shouldn’t it be a gradual decay rather than what it is now.

Would also add:
-A hex that is going to be lost to blackbloods because of hp decay needs to flash in red too so we know to add defender dragons to it.

Maybe make the face of each hex contain 1-16 numbers for the cities and when one is taken out either by black blood or an enemy, make it red or disappear or smth.

The way the event is set up right now is extremely time consuming for officers and not fun at all.

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Change it to one city per hex, solves this issue, and many more.
Seriously, 16 cities per region is just complete bs.

Nothing against Art’s proposal, more so against PG’s changes as a whole;
Making this event far more complicated than it should be disengages players.

As much as people moaned and hated the old version of KingdomWars, this new one is far worse and it doesn’t address the issues people had in the first place :woman_facepalming:t3:


what was the most hated part of the old kw anyways?

i remember some crying over for their capitals are in the middle of much stronger teams and that they dont get to keep a single hex, but then i don’t think this was that…?

let’s think back and see if the old one would actually be less hated compared to the new one. -i didn’t like the old kw either, but didn’t hate it that much as i hated gauntlet much more as i didn’t like the concept where i had to fight over points against the members of my own teams. -that aspect’s much better now after the change… to me at least, but… i’m unsure if it can say the same for kw changes.

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Kill the event entirely!

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I LOATHE this new version. Intensely. I am a very active player. Anyone that knows me can agree. But this event has made me feel like I cant walk away even for a little bit without losing everything. The main issue with the previous version of kingdom wars was placement could dictate your whole event. A go-around for that would have been to add simple rounds. Each round you get a new location. Start tiles over each round but keep the VP your team had earned. But current version just sucks.

Maybe have an HP limit instead of limiting quantity of defenders, once hp limit is reached, you can’t add any more defenders.

While I like this new iteration, it’s far more intricate and interesting than the old wars. And the added PVE effect is nice. Allows good points to be gained for all members but it’s balanced in the sense that you can’t always attack PVE so it’s still mostly PVP.

I will agree though, it is a rather time intensive event…not in that it takes too long to kill anything but just that, as mentioned before…all your progress can be lost if most of your team is asleep

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Fewer Cities with more Hp, like 2-3k. People can actually focus on them instead of finding out the city they are attacking got taken already by their teammates with 1 attack. Less server load as well.

Remove the ability for opponents to attack our cities even when they are cut off from that tile, don’t know if this is a bug but whats the point of cutting off opponents when they can still attack? Might be because the tile keep on changing hands causing this issue?

Show the number of dragons already defending that city so we can switch to a less defended city.

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1 Fewer Cities with more Hp
2 Easyer / less click steps to add defender dragons. and sorting dragons would stay at last settings and not sort dragons after each time


I’m against this. Multiple cities gave lots of nice places to attack all the time.

I could see it reduced to possibly 12 though. With doing so two teams would fight for 7, three teams for 5, and four teams for 4 cities for control. With 12 evenly divisible by 2, 3, and 4 it makes it even.

My biggest peeve was of course the server lag and glitches, but beyond that I would like to add that within monuments the raid feature should be reset per team as it is on regular tiles. Since they all PvE and same bases the raid currently goes for both teams when you attack only one.

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I would just like to commend PG for a stellar improvement to the game. I hated the old Kingdom Wars as it seemed like your fate was determined by the luck of the draw. This rendition was a lot more fun to play, and filled with various strategies (some of which worked and others that didn’t). This new rendition could very well be a new favorite for me.

There were still some bugs, but the event was playable. Seems there is some garbage collection occurring with the graphics package. The game would freeze or lock up on me, and to clear I would have to abort the game on my device, come back in, quit the game normally, then come back in again. That would free up the locks and I could resume playing (most of the time.) There were a couple of occasions where the game would continually freeze when I went back in, and the only way to reset was to restart my device.

There are only a couple of things I would change for now. First and foremost, marking the tiles. The mark needs to stay on a tile until you own all 16 cities, or you take it off. You should be able to mark any hex, even if you own it, as long as you don’t control all 16 cities.
The second is a wish list. There is still an advantage for teams placed near the edge, as they have a protected side. Not sure how this is programmed, but I would like to see a wrap from edge hexes, where if you own an edge hex you could attack the border hex on the opposite side of the board, and from there make entry. This would eliminate the protected side.

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That side now always has decay even if you own all own able around it. A monument you’re unable to surround is an easy target.