Kingdom War defense values

When selecting an opponent in the Kingdom War, the defense value differs greatly from what is displayed on the player’s portrait page.
Today, I went to pick an opponent to attack. His defense value was over 385m. I looked at his info and the defense listed was only 184m. image image


Long-standing issue or possibly feature if you believe some people. The defense that player sees for their base will be a third (bigger) number.

Welcome to war dragons. :confetti_ball: Yes, it’s dumb!


This happens anytime you look at a players base compared to their profile…wanna know something that would really blow your mind take the number on the attack screen and multiply it by 1.3 and that is their value if they are boosted which is usually the case.

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Because asking for one unified and accurate defense rating is apparently quite impossible according to PG…

Because nobody has ever heard of subroutines!!!

#include <defense.h>
int i;

int get_defense_rating(int player_id)
i = calc_base_def();
i = i + calc_base_boost();
i = i + calc_gear();
i = i + calc_season_boost();

#/ Basic coding 101! Freshmen year.

void any_Fing_time_player_requests_defense_rating( int player_id)

FML today. :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:


Or by 1.52 if they have a base boost…

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That is true I always forget about base boost, then again this is only season 2 for it so still getting used to it.

OR, and just hear me out on this one guys…
Someone at PG could fix the code??? Maybe?

It would take someone around an hour to make the changes, compile the code, check for accuracy, and submit the diff file???


I refer you to your own image of spaghetti.



Oh I agree whole heartedly, it’s been brought up multiple times on multiple different threads and never gains any traction. We cant even get pg to follow through on a majority of the fixes they are supposedly working on (timer economy for example) so I doubt we can talk them into fixing anything else at this point.

Might as well put the chalk marks down now for this game I guess.
Terminal greed is a fatal disease.

Actually, there are 3 numbers showing the defense value in kindom wars.
One you see when you select a base to attack and it’s way higher than the other two values.

One is the value on the info screen other players see and one on the info screen when the player looks at himself.

Example, I went to attack someone. Her base showed 400+ mil defense value. I looked at her profile page, it was 200+.

Seems it was something closer to 0.5x rather than 1.5x.

Then you run into the problem a friend had a couple days ago.

When anyone looked at his info screen, he showed about 192 mil.

When he looked at his screen, it was 929 mil.

Looks like your 1.5x doesn’t work there.

Give it up, PG and display the same defense value on every screen until you can figure out how to do basic math.

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There are 3 numbers, always, everywhere.

  • Profile page is buildings only (and maybe runes?). No rider, no boost.
  • Attack page is buildings, runes and rider, but no boosts (30% and base boost).
  • Number you see yourself includes everything.

Lazy lazy lazy. No quality. No pride in their work.

If they can’t be changed, I would at least put all three numbers in each area for consistency.

Oh I absolutely think they can and should be changed. But these are the numbers we have to deal with right now.

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I rarely pay attention to defense numbers anyway honestly. I look at tower levels which is a much better representation of a bases power than the made up numbers.

A kill island with level 80 towers undefended can be taken down by my Pathox today. Sometimes I need to follow up with Surt depending on the base.
A kill island with level 80 towers and 107% buffed gear will kill my Pathox and maybe even my Surt too. How do I know?

PS. I don’t. Just wade in and hope for the best.

I can take a 3b long base with ronin but I cant take a 3b short base with him. So that defensive power number isn’t an accurate representation of a bases true potential. About the only thing it can be used for is to possibly judge the gear on that base but even doing that isnt accurate depending on the base.

Not all bases are built the same. Some people focus on attack gear some hp gear. If its attack gear ronin and pathox will still wreck the base due to not getting hit by the attacks if flown properly. If the base owner focused on hp gear it’s a different story.