Kingdom War -- Gold Drop Guesstimator

New event!

Let me know how I did.

Or, if you don’t like fighting with others:

Please let me know if you have any problems accessing the document.


Posting this link here in case you want to check as the event goes on:

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Was being lazy. :man_shrugging:

Although, making that is more work than finding the right thread. Lol

Yours is a different concept though, yours is the prediction element. I’ll fill it out and post what I’m hoping for haha

Best of luck man.

The drops are not bad imo. Especially if you need PVP stuff.

The Runic Chests are still awful.

Take the free one and run away!


…and on a serious note, thanks for your continuous work on giving us chest odds. :+1:


Thank you.

I didn’t do it last week… And no one said a thing. It didn’t really matter since the previous breeding would have worked. But not many would have known that until after the fact.

Glad to know it’s appreciated. :man_cartwheeling:

I don’t open during breeding lest I would have complained LOUDLY.


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