Kingdom War Improvements

How to improve Kingdom Wars Event.

  • Be able to assign numbers to the marked targets so you can prioritise in what order to attack.

  • Add timestamp with ‘x’ amount of time ago at the teamplan interface, so team members know how long the latest plans have been made. (Same format as we use in the chat at the end of a sentence)

  • Assign different map colors to allies to avoid friendly fire.

  • A ledger to see the latest battle reports for both incomming and outgoing attacks.

  • Currently the only way to defend territories, is by actually defending bases. So maybe add barricades to increase/heal the HP of your territories. But give us the option to build barricades with lumber, so people who are f2p have a fair shot aswell. Giving lumber a new use outside fortification event aswell.

  • Other option to defend would be getting HP back by being able to revenge the player who has just reduced your territories HP.


Agree with everything but the last 2 points.
Barricades are despised and give no points to players.
Making the hp on the fort swappable turns it into a pitsesque event, and turns it into even more of a mega event than it is.


Maybe a cool down period after you take a marked target befor the other teams can start hitting it again to retake it.


Numbered markers +1

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Yes! I would like colors assigned to teams on the map! So annoying clicking on each hex to find out who is there!

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Assigned numbers on the face of it sounds good. But, how? Tap and have a box to type a number in? Seems less likely, more difficult to do. Or in the order as they are marked? More likely? A lot of messing about redoing them. Then say mark 1 is taken, a new one is added, is it numbered 6? or 1 the number not in use lol.

Team plan, just time date your message.

Last three, see no use or purpose. Take/retake. It’s what the event is.

The problem will always be the unfair basis of using player bases. They should always be Blackblood ones, run by them for the latest team to have taken the hex. rising a notch in difficulty level each time that hex changes hands.


Very much agree with last point…that makes it PvP vs wait t while someone takes your territory and you cant do shit about it!!!

You can take their hex.

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Yes… but how about a way/chance to keep a team from taking your hex in first place? …that would be true PvP vs sitting and watching two other teams battling for your hex while you can do nothing


This event is the most boring and annoying in game(sorry,for being rude)
I won’t repeat everything,which ppl already said before me.
I think everyone knows all issues)
Basically,70% of players can do 2 mega attacks and then there is nothing to do for the next 24 h😑
Well,you can use free energy,but it’s not fun at all
Obviously,we won’t have all of them,but here is my vision of changes,which might let us hate this event little less:)

:fleur_de_lis:shields on monuments after conquering(alike it was for KOH)
Basically,it could be 3 and 5 hours

:fleur_de_lis:cooldown for megacoin attacks,or making them limited
For example,7 mega attacks during 24 hours
Or,after using mega,there will be cooldown for the next 1hour

:fleur_de_lis:Limited amount of lands,which might be conquered by one team
We don’t have any other event,which will allow one team conquer 70% if the map

:fleur_de_lis:somehow issue with placing teams on map randomly must be solved(
Currently,place,where you will start will mean more,then your teams activity,teamwork,strategy and whatever else…
YES game must benefit spending,BUT:
• Smallest teams placed near biggest teams and they have no choice where to move.
Some of them literally can’t kill any players in biggest teams.
So for them event will be ended immediately
• If you are near your friendly team-it’s win-win situation.
You can surround not friendly team,and kill it fast.
But,if you are near 2-3-4 enemy teams-there is no point even start spending any game items,because it’s pointless🤷🏻‍♀️

  • some small teams don’t have literally anything,because they are giving same amount of personal points,that bigger teams
    So everyone will kill them in priority and it will be easier points for team A,then if they will start event near team B

Maybe it makes sense to add team ranking or make teams with worst ranking not so valuable for others

Currently event is absolutely boring and,as a part of leadership I’m thinking about telling ppl to hit whatever they want,and skip this event,as team event

KOH was glitchy,but ppl still were way more happy with KOH.


I totally agree. I’m not bored with it but am very frustrated and feel bullied by the team we got stuck next to.


Maybe they could apply the wildfire flames criteria to megas so that they have to do other attacks to acquire it again after first use in the event/ energy reset period


I think a cooldown on your tile after taking it would help massively to prevent people just using megas to take it straight back. I really liked that in KOTH.



I would like to see not only the territories lost, but also the one conquered. So demotivating those negative messages.


I like this idea tremendously

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Those recommending the “cool-down” or shield period after taking over a base don’t seem to be taking into account the fact that this will benefit the stronger teams more than the weaker teams. As the PG Reps pointed out in the original streams, they considered doing that in the beginning but discarded it because it could have caused a kind of invincible wave coming across the map where other teams would have no way to stop it due to the shields that would go into effect. Each new hex they had just taken would be untouchable by us while they set about taking over the next one in the line- which would in turn become untouchable.

Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE for my hexes to be protected for a bit. That would be awesome. But 9 times out of 10 when we went up against the Mega team next to us, they won. That mean 9 times out of 10 they would be enjoying the protection.

You think the mega teams are scary now? Just give them THIS advantage… lol


It would depend on the location but yes that would be a risk if they can just cut off your tile by hitting you elsewhere. Would also work in reverse though:, they do their wave, timeout ends they lose their tiles and can’t immediately take them back. Would make it riskier for them to stretch out in a thin line beyond their scope

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I’d rather watch paint dry then participate in this event… BRING BACK KOTH :raised_hands: