Kingdom wars could be fun if…

  1. Dragon assignments are removed.
    2.Teams gain the ability to move their capital every 24h to a spot they controll and that is not adjectend to a monument or enemy capital.
    I know there has been a lot of discussion about KW already. I believe we need some change in the eternal circle of boredom. I would appreciate other new PVP as well. But the above should be possible without too much investment on the side of PG.

Even if we disregard others’ hate towards KW…

While I do believe KW would have been better if KW had the location of capitals changed every round along with the hexagon reset, I doubt PG will bring KW back as they have never brought back an event that was entirely removed.

And besides, we don’t really know if this :point_down:t2: will actually be true.

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And there are better retired events out there that could be revamped thats not kingdom work.
Ive said this many of times, KW felt like the board game known as Risk. Its world domination/ conquer the world. The stronger your team in KW the more land you take. So those teams sandbagging can dominate pvp more.

But im not gonna shoot your idea down OP. Maybe having the ability to move your teams location might be nice.
But I dont see this…

Working fully. Due to the map lay out, youre bond to be close to a monument or a capital owned by an enemy.

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Well, I agree and would be happy with any new event. I personally don’t like events where you have to be on at specific times (e.g. enemy island appearing, or end of mega attack time).
I liked KW because you could conquer whenever you had time.
But certainly something totally new would be best. But if we can’t have that than maybe any old event once and a while just to have a change.


Maybe even a rotaition of historical events.

If they brought back KW then maybe they should introduce a timer on the monuments. Like if your team takes a major monument it cant be taken from you for X amount of minutes. Because that was the one thing i hated about this event. Yes you didnt need to be on 24/7 during the event but youd loose your monument within 10 minutes of getting its. Meaning the points youd get for conquering a monument is small.

Sorry to relate this to another game, I know its not wise to but im using it as an example.
For those that play Pokemon Go you know of gyms, where you put one of your pokemons in and get rewards for how long your pokemon is in the gym. You get coins, potions, and other things. Anyways! There are 3 teams in pokemon, yellow, blue, and red and they all fight to take over those gyms. How you do that? Well you knock the enemy pokemon out of the gym with a battle. When all the enemy pokemon have been knocked out you can conquer the gym for your team. Well theres a “time limit” you have to put your pokemon in before another team can come and take the gym out from under your feet. Meaning if the gym is blue and a red team person knocks all the pokemon out they can claim that gym. But they have, i think 2 minutes, to pick a pokemon where no other team can take that gym. But once the time is up and if red hasnt put a pokemon in then a blue or yellow can take it.

If PG did something like that I think KW would of had a better chance of living longer. Because personally it felt pointless to have a monument conquered by your team only to blink and its someone elses.

But of course im sure someone would call this idea stupid but whatever. I still wouldnt want Kw back, but if it did come back it would need major tweaking that I think PG would never look at.

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You might want to hide the different game part to avoid being flagged.

Not deletion, I meant like this.

And no. I’d like to reconquer my monuments right away, thank you.


Eh its gets flagged im not to worried about it. Only cause it would be alot of blurs and I was using them as an example.

It would be different if i went, “pokemon go is way better then this game and i think we all should play thwt instead of this.” Like that one game people kept saying was like WD that was also moblie. Forgot the name but when i looked at the game play pics of that one, it didnt scream that it was like WD

Didn’t want to see a valid opinion flagged just because it referred another game, was all. :grin:

Maybe every team member could get a gold chest for every monument you conquer, or two for major monuments.

I don’t want any Kingdom War in my game please and thank you

Ok. Are you happy with the events we have? Do you have any suggestion to improve the existing circle?


I mean I wouldnt be happy with the current KW. But if it was improved then sure, thats just a big ask for PG.

But personally I think we need another event, old or new. Pvp or not.


I don’t think Pg actually cares because if they’d cared they’d already do it. Not a Crystal Cave or Fight Pit like event but they’d most likely make a clone of Fight Pits for more profits. But I can imagine Conquer the Kingdom.

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I really miss kingdom wars. It was my favorite pvp actually. I wish we had 6-7 pvp events total in our rotation, one easy season and for bonus a seasonal theme to them :partying_face: still hoping for it come on PG


If…… nothing. Kingdom wars can be called a lot of things, fun is not one of them. Even if you did x, y, and z to the nth power, it still couldn’t be called fun. Ever. Times infinity. I win, you lose. Game over.

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lol one opinion makes everyone’s POV irrelevant. Honestly, what’s more fun than fighting over territory, making alliances, breaking alliances, making new alliances only to revert to just taking everything again. I can see maybe the higher leagues not enjoying it but lower leagues, much fun to have :rofl:


Sounds like Atlas, but in main game. No thanks. Of all the old PvP events, KW is the one that should stay dead.

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: most would agree but I still miss it

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1st step - roll back to the last version of KW that worked.
2nd step - explore options to get away from fixed capitals.