Kingdom Wars - Data Pull

Hi Everyone,

Nearing the end of the event i’ve been able to gather a bit of data from the leagues that my main and alt are in, but could use some help filling in the rest of the data for use on WDGeeks event page. Anybody have any of the missing information?

This isn’t necessarily the final format, just what i’m using to pull and organize data



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Monument major 30k
Monument minor 20k
Neutral hex 10k

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Minor monument: 30K
Major monument: 40K

Minor base level: (off memory, please correct me if wrong)

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Silver league
Neutral - 800 HP
Minor - 1200 HP
Major - 2400 HP

Base level
Neutral - level 70 max | level 10 low

I don’t know for minor and major since someone did a zerg rush on my territory that I worked hard for.

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Neutral 5k
Minor 7.5 k
Major 15 k

Bases 120 to 20 low

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Thanks all!

Definitely getting there and a few easy patterns emerging. Each league simply has one base level different when stepping down leagues, so those are all easy to fill in and fully populate. Also, each base steps up between neutral and the minor monuments.

Question: Does anybody have even one set of data points to determine if the Minor&Major are actually the same base levels? I think they might be but want confirmation first. We never were able to hit a Major that was unowned so maybe @LethalRyder knows?

I think you might be right - both Major & Minor might have the same base levels.

If my memory doesn’t fail me, highest base level for major monument is lvl 250 as well (in Plat 1). I remember it being too tough for Kinnarus (my go-to PvE dragon) to autopilot :joy:

We took both unowned and I only recall there was a difference between neutral & monuments, and not between the two types.

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Could you add some data on how someone does 700 megas for the event?

Eg $9000, 35 hours of attacking, that type of thing?

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This post is strictly for data obtained in this event, not trying to justify the actions of a certain individual or team over the course of the event.

Please take this elsewhere

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Not adding the base points for each base level Mech?

Nope that will be covered in the scoring section with a 1.10 and 1.20 multiplier on the scorecard. So doesn’t need to be listed explicitly in the charts here I don’t think :upside_down_face:

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Sorry I don’t Mech not you go good info I see

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