Kingdom Wars - Delayed Start/Issue Tracker

Hi all,

Since this is going to be the first time we run this event, we’d like to keep one consolidated thread of current issues as well as feedback.

Known Issues:

  • Being stuck on the event screen on Android device

  • UI issues (freezing and getting cut off)

Feedback Threads:


you mean the Treasure Hunt, right?

Yup. The first phase of the event (Treasure Hunt) will start shortly as soon as the team is done working out the kinks.


Thanks for the heads-up.

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The event is officially live. The first phase (Treasure Hunt) has begun. Good luck!

Hunter Ammo AND Rage? Holy crap PG I fucking love you.


Aw man, I really wish I was in a team that could get anywhere near that now… That glyph is awesome.

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Unable to see event screen, stuck at 'general.LOADING '. Please advise

Since you’re the first report of this, please submit a ticket. We’ll troubleshoot case-by-case. If it turns into a larger issue we will address here on the forum.

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So something Im confused about. Will territory that is covered by water be conqurable or is it only the land parts? In the map we saw in the blog and live streams it only showed the land and even lakes arent claimed but also in the map the water is made up of the same hexagons as the land.

Hey @Blackfire5x5, good question! Any hexagon that is completely covered by water can not be conquered (e.g. ocean and lakes). So regarding your image above, none of the hexagons the yellow arrows are pointing to can be conquered.
Hexagons that are only partially covered by water (e.g the shoreline and rivers) can still be conquered. Conquerable hexagons will also be indicated on the map by the big dots that are displayed once your team is in range to attack them.
Hope that clears things up!


Thank you, that’s very helpful since my team is trying to put together a strategy. I figured that’s how it would probably work

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Showing Url some kind of page load and telling me I need internet to play It is Note 8.

Got kicked from game while in event. Tried to restart and immediately got the same error 3 more times with subsequent crashed. Had spent 10 gold chests prior and game has not updated inventory or replaced chests. Game was running abnormally good tonight too. Android galaxy s6.

Maybe not a good thing to screen shot :neutral_face:

Inventory updated and game works again

Yep same one for me too

Cannot play game.

Hey we have the same starting location as you… (Different leagues obv) which way you looking to build out?

We’re not quite sure yet. Probably spiraling outward so our kingdom is fat and less likely to be severed. You just know everyone is going to be going for that major monument and it’ll turn into a mega coin splooge fest


Pretty much. Thinking the bottom monument early as everyone goes for the big one but hey in our start we have 1 less tile around us than our closest enemies so we will expand slightly faster (if claiming tiles at same speed)

Having same problem getting general loading on event screen but mine is iOS