Kingdom Wars - Delayed Start/Issue Tracker


Having same issue general loading when trying to get in event


I cannot get into Event. I get stuck with a black screen and a message General.LOADING.
My ticket is #1122666 . They just said we are unable to offer an immediate solution for the issue. And they have alerted the developer team …


I can’t attack in this event yet. Am I doing something wrong??


No. The battle phase hasn’t started yet.


Thank you very much. I love this game by the way!


Do we use inner fires in this event ? Or is there something else in chests to collect ? Or is it just straight up energy fest


Is there an energy reset in this? If so, it’s not showing when it will occur.


Yes. You use IF. You could read the rules if you want to learn more.


Most definitely you use Inner Fires. The more the merrier.


Would love an answer regarding the energy reset - due to time zone differences - would be nice to know if I spend before I go to bed!


It’s being looked into. I have no answer at this time.


@PGJared whats up with the. Mega bases 417 mil ona 250’ this is a bit Ridiculous


I’m not sure what you’re asking. Are you wondering why you’re going up against those bases? That’s just how powerful those bases are.


Appreciate the reply.


Jared, 12 towers from level 1 to 48 gets the base to level 262. These bases are FULL OF LEVEL 48.


Yes you have made these bases extremely high and not realistic for a lvl 250 to have a full base of 48s for in game players besides the top and obsidian in harbringers without constantly using 3 drags draining heals.


Must depend on league. Max level is 180 in Plat 4


A full base of 48s is about level 350. Even a full base of 38s is level 300+. @PGSqurl


I get BSOD and map keeps refreshing! Cant continue playing after a few raids in the event. Please advise.

Dont ask me to make a ticket using help menu, that too aint working for me.


@Archiee, @B0jangles Hey guys, the energy cost reset timer should now be displayed again as usual. Sorry for the inconvenience!