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@PGSqurl a suggestion for the event. Right now it’s not a pvp. Even when the map it’s full it won’t be a real pvp as you could maybe hit another one or two teams.

Perhaps you can introduce a raid feature. Allows you to send raiding parties out to any other team’s capital. Raids allow you to steal a small portion of the opponent’s VP and count for personal points.

Something to consider?


It was giving them issues


as in reduction in money spent by the player base.


Team starting locations aren’t all the same distance from major monument objectives. Example in screenshot with the starting location of one team only 3 hexes away rather than 4. (Most others seem to be 4 away).

edit: looking at it further the minor monuments aren’t all distributed well either. The area around the team with a shorter path to the major seems devoid of minor monuments.


@PGSqurl - it’d be nice if team attack markers were a different color. Red blends in with enemy land


Just having a quick look at this event but from what I can see happening this is going to turn out to be a four day war between two teams that are side by side. At best it could become a three way war.
What happened to locking out a base once it’s been attacked by an opponent?
Also points needed to win a hex of land are extremely high compared to points given for winning an attack.
Obviously another attempt at grabbing money from players.


@PGSqurl Im very confused, we keep getting notifications that a team is attacking our territory but there’s nothing to indicate what territory is being attacked or from where. How is this going to work once the territories get filled up and multiple territories are getting attacked? Are we just supposed to guess? Definitely needs an “under attack” icon on the territory being attacked and from where


Also the menu on the side pops open after every attack and hides the energy menu. Would be great if once it’s closed it stayed closed until you reopen it.


The level 350 from the monument is easier to beat than the 250 because it’s actually based of an actual base rather than just level 48 towers everywhere like in the 250…lol

@pgsqurl please fix the level 250 bases.


Max level in plat iv is 250 not 180. Major monument only shows like 6 bases to attack,and it’s not scrolling to show more.


I love the challenge of these black bloods :smirk:. Not boring.


The points aren’t enough or the prize tiers are set too high. Your choice.


I cannot follow the kingdom war because there is no enemy mark . .please fix it


This definately seems to be a spending event. We are fighting but one or two big spenders are moving the to four times faster. With only one or two mor people on line than us. It crazy I’ve already used 30 energy packs and 50 inner fires and it is as if it were nothing. I can’t sustain this level of resource use. Team morale is falling fast on this one.


I have a question I would like to be answere if you can. In the event a regular territory has 10k HP. If multiple teams are contesting for one area does it go that 1st team to 10k hp gets it or after 10k of hp that is on the area is extinguished the team with most hp gets it?


Who came up with the idea to have a small difference between points given by blackbloods and players. This is currently the worst PVP event. It makes even other annoying PVP seem awesome in comparison.

Also seriously HP regeneration is too fast


So much this. The skulls frankly make them look forbidding, too, like the one place you shouldn’t attack. Would it be crazy to have a flag or our team crest as the rally signal?


It’s the first to get to 10k HPwins the territory.


Definitely the worst pvp event in the game by far. Two thumbs down.