Kingdom Wars - Delayed Start/Issue Tracker


To each their own. So far, this has been a lot better than the crapfest that was Tug of War or Conquer the World.


I got out of it by joining an attack with a teammate


I think there are too many areas ATM to justify the cost to take each area, so some tweaks need to be done.

But i dont get why they would even release this event if it is not ready. Without raiding and bonus meter this event kinda sucks. IF they add bonus meter and/or raiding option and make some tweaks here and there i think the event has potential.


Sure, great Runes, love the Ammo. But good luck getting that Legend Rage, unless U want to burn mass quantities of Energy Packs and IF’s. The point values for this event are ridiculously low.


I’d agree with that - despite the Map Legend, I’m still having to tell a lot of players that there are targets marked. Apparently not as intuitive/obvious as it could be.


So, ive been playing for almost two years and have seen how the game has evolved. My question is, is the game really setup for players enjoyment or for PG to make more and more money? When i started it seemed like fully focused on players enjoyment, now, not so much.


Not sure if this is specific to this event, but not a glitch I’d seen before.


it really wants you to battle!



I’ll send this over to the team! Thank you for posting. :slight_smile:


Is this a glitch?

I am lvl 39 in Gold IV, and the regular Blackblood levels above me are 50, 70, and 120 respectively. I am hitting levels 50 and 70, but am only getting a level multiplier of 1.00 for BOTH tiers. Shouldn’t I get a bonus multiplier for hitting level 70 at least?

I’m not 100% sure on level multipliers work but I’m pretty positive Ive never gotten 1.00x for hitting 1.8x my level. For reference, there are 45 members in my team: 1 player at 130ish, 1 at 50ish, 1 at 40ish, and the rest of us 30x and below.


There won’t be a raid or bonus meter :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::joy::joy:. Since they seem to have trouble coding anything ,imagine the trouble of adding it to the event. This event is purely a mega coin event. Why anyone would believe otherwise is beyond me.


In my family we have one iPhone and two android phones that cannot play in the event. The map will not load the targets. Here’s a screenshot.


I’ll add that two other accounts are fine. But three will not load the targets on the map. I see a guys pic above where his targets load but not the map. Mine is opposite.


Im having a problem with connecting too, its either saying that I need internet to connect to the game ( I do have internet) or giving me an error code to contact support.
I’m slowly getting withdrawal symptons…okay not so slowly


Someone on my team has the same problem @PGCrisis. He also submitted a ticket ; he can’t play the event plz look for a fix asap.


I used two inner fires on a run and only got credit for using one inner fire. Ticket # 1127390

Edit: never mind… it works after restarting the game :woman_shrugging:


At least conquer the world gave decent point for PVP attacks unlike the crap points on this


Worst event to date, 1st night thought it was OK. The points are horrible the randomize positioning of the teams is Not fair at all has every division shift has stacked teams that other teams can’t compete with. After attacking the same couple people hundreds of times to turn around and do it all over again I am all set. I hated conquer the world and thought tug-of-war was even worse but at least you could choose your opponent that your team is Capable of attacking successfully without wasting every last resource you have to try and get a handful of sigils… EPIC FAILURE!


So, having stacked bases makes sense…? Please provide team name and players name that has all 5 islands filled with all level 48 towers so we can see its possible to be a level 250 with full level 48 towers.
I knows its impossible to make everyone happy, but this time, you missed the mark by the wrong galaxy.


I agree with Red here. I was about to suggest the same thing. To add to it though, numbering the attack markers will also help teammates to know which is most important. It’s very difficult to discuss strategy when we are having trouble telling our teammates which one we are attacking atm.