Kingdom wars dragon defenders

I like the sorting dialogue boxes but really there just need to be one filter, it can even be preapplied - highest hp added to lowest hp added, ignore expert or not, ignore tier, just what would be the highest hp added of all your dragons available.



there is a filter tho lol and u can go by tiers usually higher tier higher hp

You can use that filter but if you look through the hp numbers you will see they a a fair way away from progressing sequentially down the tiers once seasonal divines are considered.

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Yeah I have to agree. Everything else is pretty irrelevant. Also, I’d like to add that it would be easier if there are 13 cities needing defenders, could we just select 13 dragons instead of doing each one individually? This is time consuming and a pain mostly because once you assign a dragon, there’s no way to go back to the list of cities to assign more dragons. (I have to switch tabs, try to remember which little territory I was assigning, and then find which ones I haven’t assigned a dragon to yet.)

If we can’t bulk add defending dragons, could we have a little fraction on each territory so we could see how many cities we’ve added defending dragons to? So 8\13 would mean we still need to assign defenders to 5 cities? Perhaps the intensity of the green or red colour (or a progression bar) to show us which ones are more heavily defended?


Yes, it was very cumbersome to have to sort the defender drags for each city. You should default to a list of drags from the dragon with the highest available xp to the lowest hp.

Also, it was frustrating to have to go out of event and back in when assigning defenders to multiple cities so you could see which ones were not available.

Another question was raised, is there a downside to now going in and leveling den dragons to expert to get ready for the next KW?


Feed event - ensures we level old dragons.
Players fought to have it removed for years.

Temple event -replacement for feed ensures we keep runes & riders on old dragons and also encourages leveling of old dragons.

Kw event- defender dragons ensure we level old divines and core dragons.

Seems to be a pattern there! :+1: