Kingdom Wars Energy Reset

Please consider changing the energy reset for kingdom wars. It’s a 24/7 event. Resetting every 24 hours is much too long. It gets too expensive for majority of players and we need our teammates to be able to attack constantly. 6 or 12 hours in this relentless event makes much more sense and would at least make it more fun for players to continue participating.





100% the 2nd most important thread in the forums atm! Lol.

This event is ridiculous on energy expense…

However then the problem comes with rescaling all the prizes… :woman_facepalming: . Headache.

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Well I’m only 4k points away from the 42k prize and that was on the first day… So I wouldn’t mind scaling prizes for better energy reset.



It’s my first KW and I do feel the tug from it. I’m halfway through to gaining the full prize claim but yes the reset timers plus currencies make things pretty tough, more than they should be.

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@Arelyna I also think this would be a good idea… would this be possible?

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Yeah I was surprised this didn’t have a shorter cost reset with the constant churn required for this event… Maybe they’ll do something about it lolol…lol

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Given that Temple Raid has a 12hr energy reset, comes with bonus and free points and uses the same prize points as KW, there’s no reason that decreasing the reset time to 12hrs should require prizes to be scaled. Both events are high energy demanding and dont use rounds. The only real difference is the impact of the mega coins on competition. Megas are much less useful during TR since the only real pvp competition is racing for the supercharge bonus

24hrs is absolutely too long but then again that’s what PG wants. They want us over paying for energy in order to continue to participate


the points are also cut in half even for the 1.2 k sigils so we are all in the same boat .

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Same here, I’m at 38k points and if energy reset every 12 hours instead of 24, I would have more points.

I’m guessing that’s why PG made the 42k team achievement instead of 80k. This is also because PG wants its players to buy packs to get more energy to keep playing through the 24 hours. After all, your team loses territory quickly when you have burned through your resources. I also think this has been one of the only events that goes from 10 -> 20 -> 29 -> 30 for energy cost. (I could be wrong, but I believe many jump to 30 and skip over 29).


If everyone gets the reset then we are all in the same boat of buying more energy when other teams press, since the energy reset is for everyone… It’s relative.

If we think we are in game a lot during pvp, this energy reset lowers the demands.

You all want to be in game longer?

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I assumed it was incentive to be strategic

:confused: Temple Raid’s prize points are totally different, much higher than Kingdom Wars. So…


I was thinking about Gauntlet, which also should have a 12hr reset

Temple Raid also has free points. If you are on during the guardian phase you rack up 4k per temple so 24k in points of free points. Making it easier to hit the 80k points necessary to reach the end goal. This event makes it more mandatory to be on at the beginning since you have better odds defeating the invader bases than not. And the more land you take at the beginning the easier it is to hold

I hate this event so I don’t mind the 24h resets :scream: if they reduce the reset we would have to go higher in points to make team rewards so I am not in favor of reducing the time

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This is why people call this event ‘wallet wars’. :wink::woman_facepalming:t2:

But yes, I wholeheartedly agree that the energy reset timer needs to be at least 12 hours instead of 24. 24 is ridiculous when you need to be able to attack constantly.


Wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they somehow forgot to run this event altogether… Most tedious and poorly designed event yet. Continually running the same 2 or 3 bases for a week solid is no more interesting than the invader. The person who came up with this should be placed in the stocks for the duration of the event each time it’s run.


:roll_eyes: you have choices…
Run against even stronger bases to push your limit,
or picking different bases. It’s even encouraged to do so.

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