Kingdom Wars Event Thread

Hi all!

Alright everyone, what a tough week - and I’m sorry that you all had to go through that, and that it took a while for us to catch up. We are (or have) taken KW down already, and have determined a compensation package that we hope will help everyone feel a little better. The compensation package includes:

  • 5,000 Sigils
  • 12,000 Breeding Tokens
  • 50 Energy Packs
  • 50 Inner Fires

This compensation package is not just for today’s issues, but rather an acknowledgment that we haven’t been doing so hot lately, and for those of you that stuck it through with us - we appreciate your resolve. Those packages will be rolling out to everyone shortly.

The reason we are not putting up another even is because the risk of putting up something new is high, and we do not want to put you all through another messy event - especially so close to the end of the week. We also know that you have been working hard to figure out how to cope with this event and we want to avoid player burnout. We know many of you are on the edge as-is, and we don’t want to contribute to any stress. Also:

  • Monument Chest drops will remain ongoing!
  • Atlas will remain bubbled.
  • Tower branches will be extended to 2/9.
  • Another answer folks were looking for: rank from this event won’t be applied to the team.

The future of Kingdom Wars is more or less decided, we are unlikely to ever bring it back. A new PVP event is coming soon. I believe we are calling it Crystal Caves.

A look ahead: we’ve got Assault coming up next week, and Dungeons in three weeks. Arcanum Tier also gets released next week. Since I haven’t had time to do a Hints and Tips thread, here is one of the Arcanum dragons:

Ikti - Earth Hunter

Thanks again all for bearing with us. I hope you all have a good weekend.


Shared in the other thread, smaller bases are giving more points when attacked?


Pull the plug now please🙏🏻 I think PG has proven this event is completely broken no matter how many attempts to fix it


Kingdom war is still broken? Tell me something I don’t know


Kingdom Wars has never functioned properly without a lag/glitch. I think that PG should fully remove the event until it can run smoothly. It’s aggravating that every time Kingdom Wars comes around, it never works. Please just get rid of it, fix it completely rather than just fixing small details.
And I think it’s safe for everyone to expect KW not to work every time the event rolls out.


just repeating what I said in another spot because Gal suggested to move it over but…At this point the event has broken so many times it doesn’t even matter if yall fix it. Its put a bitter taste in everyones mouths. THIS week is just ANOTHER EXAMPLE of how broken it is. Please just give up. Put the resources yall are using on trying to fix this and just make. a. new. event.


I agree. It doesn’t appear to be effecting teams equally as some seem to be moving with little issue.


Stop the event and give us tripple bronze chests until breeding starts, please :joy::joy:


3 controlled, eh?


Why are low lvl bases worth the most? :face_with_monocle:


Well the good news is that people that don’t have Atlas can fully enjoy the lag we suffer and understand how bad atlas is also.


I see my energy dwindle, I see cities brought to zero HP, but still not controlled by my team. The result is you can see some teams clearly manage to progress on the map, while other teams who spend time and effort getting a head start are still stuck at ground zero…

I do not remember a Kingdom Wars event that actually went smoothly, and without speaking for the player base, I do sense a sentiment that everyone would be more happy if this event was scrapped all together.


Not an issue but who designed these bases :joy:


@PGisawbones yeahhhhhh this didn’t work. Tiles are still not updating properly when cities are defeated.


Yep same rubbish we had last time.


There is so much lag, this is UNPLAYABLE



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Our team has 200k personal points, and have gained control of 3 cities.

Last time we had this event was the closest I have come to rage quitting this game.


Each time KW is broken.

And of course some teams are having fewer issues with lag and are able to take over tiles while others can not take tiles :see_no_evil: