Kingdom Wars Event Thread

In the case this event isn’t stopped every compensation below 100 goldchests feels rediculous! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Lol your cities either have a million hp like last kw or 1 hp this kw. Not sure how this event is playable.

The cities we recapture have 1 HP.
The same cities recaptured by our enemy have 1800+ HP.

The only difference is that we had owned these cities since the beginning of the event.

We keep taking cities back, but it’s impossible to hold them.

Edit: Since these are the cities surrounding our capital, we are totally stuffed. Maybe in 12hrs their HP will also decay to 1. But I suspect by then I’ll have uninstalled the game.


We’ve been having the same issue.
Lose a tile can’t hit for 15mins reclaim and only 1hp so then boom tile lost again.
This event has major issues every single time starting with lag at the start then onto either ridiculously high HP to disgracefully low.
It’s beginning to look a lot like a deliberate ploy to make the players spend the rss to try and make any progress at all.
The event has had too many attempts and adjustments to make it work and each one has failed miserably.
Scrap it already and give up on flogging a dead horse


Also the decay of held cities back to 1 HP happens way too fast

Base HP for a regular city in Saph should be 1000 according to this:

Not sure if this applies once cities have been captured from blackbloods.

It’s instantaneous!
Reclaim and check it’s 1hp from the get go.
Hell your even lucky if you manage to get the 15min immunity


Dozens and dozens of tiles are 1hp. Teams are able to take 10 tiles in under 5 minutes for only like a 100 energy.

This event is broken beyond repair.

We spent a ton taking dozens of tiles and now they can be taken for essentially free. Why the hell would we ever do this event again? @PGGalileo


Reading the comments… Seems like the usual for KW. On a plus note off work and finished the beers and starting the whisky

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Have you considered rolling back the code to the original KW. It wasn’t great even then as an event, but it was operational.

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Such absolute bullshit with this event once again. Seriously. Give me my time, inners and packs back… should just quit this game when PG can’t make something as simple as an event work correctly… why did you put us through this pain and rubbish yet again? Are you so desperate to destroy your player base you keep force feeding an event down our throats we all tell you time and TIME again we don’t LIKE IT?!


No apology gift can suffice for all the wasted time and energy. Sadly, most of us expected this from PG. Who’s ready for the 10 gold chests and some rubies :roll_eyes:


Definitely not working as it should. Also noticed after attacking opponent, raiding button went missing.


Sorry, can’t help you with KW advice. But there is one thing you can do to help reduce the forum temperature… release info on the next tier! We love shiny new baubles and are easily distracted. Lol.

@PGGalileo have you reconsidered your opinion on this?


Was answered already. Short answer is no.

Long answer is they like losing players :joy:

That’s why I asked if he reconsidered :slight_smile:

If we want this event gone it seems we as a community need to take this into our own hands, next time KW come around we all need to boycott it!!! Don’t play it Don’t spend on it just boycott it! Will you stand up and listen to your customers then pg?


Device S20 Ultra:

  1. Going in Event and select a city, if i dont use attack or mark and close the citywindow with the x complete game goes into freeze for around 1 minute.

Only answer from support: we resetted your account please reinstall if problem consistent…

2) No updating points

  1. Same lag on start as everytime