Kingdom Wars Follow Up - Official Discussion Thread

As many of you know, the last two weeks were rough week for War Dragons as a game-breaking bug forced us to turn off the Kingdom Wars event prior to completion. Many players are asking why we kept at it for so long. We wanted to give you a brief history of our efforts and shine a light on our thought process, not only in the name of transparency but also to give the community an idea of what goes on under the hood.

History: Kingdom Wars is one of our 4 rotational PvP events and was introduced back in 2018. As part of our Collect Wide Initiative, we launched a major update (Kingdom Wars: Dragon Defenders) to this event in Summer 2020 to promote the initiative. This update was meant to make collecting much more essential for success in the event, but it had the downside of significantly increasing server load as each castle was no longer just a castle but a castle plus defenders.

Early Releases: Since the revamp, Kingdom Wars: Dragon Defenders has run into consistent server load issues. Each time we encountered these load issues, we’ve been able to resolve them within an hour or two, but we realized this was very frustrating for you because your plans for the most critical part of the event were disrupted. As we worked to improve the overall player experience and applied patches to known issues, new ones popped up and we saw that community morale plummeted due to the instability.

Last week: The most recent Kingdom Wars went live on Wednesday. When PvP/the battle phase began on Thursday, we spun up several machines to handle the game load, but they were unexpectedly overwhelmed. We sent out some compensation, but many of you were still somewhat wary of the event’s stability. However, going into Thursday evening, we believed the situation was stabilized.

Initial reports began to trickle in late Thursday night and rapidly grew in volume on Friday that Castle HP was getting stuck at 1 HP after conquering. The root cause was two pieces of new functionality not playing nice with each other and castle health decay not being properly reset. Due to the slow nature of the decay, it was not apparent until significant time had passed. This destabilized the map balance and team scores, but more importantly, it caused the castles to be conquered and locked from future attacks after one single attack, which prevented players from being able to receive any individual progression points.

While a possible fix was determined late Friday afternoon, we realized that we had exhausted your patience – the damage was done and burnout and resentment were exceedingly high.

We believed that releasing a fix late Friday evening or spinning up a new event was too risky. After much thought, we made the difficult choice to end the event.

Path Forward for Kingdom Wars: Due to structural challenges and the recurring latency issues, and with player opinion of the event at its lowest point, we’ve decided to shelve Kingdom Wars for the indefinite future.

Path Forward for Events: Fortunately, our first new event in two years (Crystal Caves) is just around the corner. In the long term, Crystal Caves will replace Kingdom Wars in our PvP event rotation and bring new gameplay experiences to the world of events. With new things comes new risks, so we are taking stability very seriously with this new event and will be releasing it in a staged rollout to de-risk the potential impact on your experience. Initially, we will run it as a 1-2 day trial run on a Monday following a Fortification or Breeding event. This will give us real world load testing and a chance to identify any problems before it becomes the featured weekly event.

Thank you all for rallying as a community and keeping us on course.


Guess I can say I called it now :rofl::rofl::rofl: though I forgot what I called but it’s in another thread of many threads.

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Thanks for the update, it’s very encouraging to hear the plans for live testing before the event is officially released!


Thanks for the detailed breakdown of the situation.

A trial run of the new PvP sounds like a good plan, too.


Love this idea; it will definitely help toward a more successful full launch! Can’t wait to hear more about Crystal Caves in the future.


Cheers for the breakdown of events and looking forward to finally running event trials :tada:


Trial run sounds good although I worry that the community will still try and burn the place down if it doesn’t work even though it’s just a trial


Thank you for the update.

On topic: awesome to here this, and can’t wait to see the new pvp event in action :slight_smile: thank you for the communication Galileo and patience with us while ppl were rioting the KW discussion thread lol.

Off topic: clocks ticking on Assault event. I am glad to here that there might be action on the cheaters problem. Assault isn’t a skill-to-win event or even a pay-to-win event right now. It’s just cheat-to-win. Hope to see those leaderboards change soon.

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The old KW before dragon defenders worked fine, you could always rollback to it and make a 5 event rotation. The main complaint people had was being screwed by initial placement - this was never addressed in any of your subsequent “improvements”.


Is there any projected plan for when y’all will be releasing this event for the test run? Specifically will it be this season or will it be at the start of next season that could impact our discount period prizes?

Not trying to troll or anything, just being honest but PG exhausted our patience with KW about a year and a half ago and people have been calling for it to be ended for quite some time. In theory the event wasnt bad and required team strategy but luck played too much of a factor and then atlas alliances made it even worse. Plus the prizes were not particularly great for the amount of time and effort we had to put into the event. The event was just bad and though I miss PGCoffee I will not miss this terrible abomination of an event he left us with even if it was his baby.

Dragon Defenders did nothing to fix the issues people had with KW so I dont really know why PG even added it. Like complaining that working conditions are unsafe and management throwing a pizza party instead and then all the pizza is vegan with pineapple and pickles. No one asked for that

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Idk what Crystal Caves gonna be like but I’m hyped :joy:


I am excited for a new PvP, we have definitely been in need of one for a while. I also like the mini-rollout to stress test it. I think that’s going to be a big positive.

I will admit that I actually liked Kingdom Wars, because it was one of the events that really rewarded good team organization and cooperation. You actually could be one of the top teams in Kingdom Wars without being the team that spent the most resources if you made the right alliances, and focused your attacks on the right objectives.

That being said, I do get why others hated it. I have been on starts where the team next to you just completely overpowers and wails on you the entire event, and its definitely a frustrating experience.


Im at least excited for something new. Even if it sucks and is terrible at least it will be new sucking as opposed to the old sucking of KW. Things have been so stagnant for so long with events. Hopefully though the prizes are more like what TR/TG have isntead of what KW and FP have


Love the transparency and depth of communication here, Gal. Thank you to you and the team for preparing and delivering this.

Trialling Crystal Caves seems very sensible and I am sure if server load will ever be an issue it will happen at the beginning when everyone is excited to try the first new event in over 2 years! There is a subsection of the player population that has never seen a new event so I am sure they are not the least excited among us either.


I for one will miss this event. Hopefully it gets some TLC after the new event is online.


I’ll miss making shapes on the map…like that one time we made an elephant. That was fun. Well…not so much for those around us.


Don’t forget the ant trails!


This is a great improvement in communication.

I’m still puzzled how the event consistently started with load issues and yet how it could be semi-stabilized in a few hours but never prevented from recurring. Is the traffic that much higher at the start, or does something take a while to spin up and start operating efficiently? Are you capable of still measuring the full traffic when your systems are overwhelmed? If you can’t measure it you can’t prepare for the next time; that would explain a bit.


Thanks for keeping us in the loop and for the info.