Kingdom Wars - Giving Me A Headache 🤕

Kingdom Wars…:angry:

I try my best to like this event but…:unamused:

I’ve always maintained that it’s the event that never sleeps…goto bed with 25 hexes and wake up to one…your capital lol

I get it’s about strategy and having allies but it’s not like say, Gauntlet, where players get to take a PvP break and then give it all they got come battle. Having said that, the 24 hour reset for this event is not suitable if there is going to be constant battle. I’ve had to reset a few times using 30 energy! :angry: I’m stopping now or I will have zero left. For that reason, I can’t participate as much as I would like to and I’m a little on the competitive side. lol I’ve got my mythic so it’s not like I’m playing for sigils but I like to battle; it’s fun.

Please shorten the energy reset time.



I think a 8 or 12 hour reset could be more reasonable


You do realize the more energy you have the more your opponents have?


Yup. I would still like a shorter reset?


This event always gives me a migraine, there’s really nothing enjoyable about it


There is nothing enjoyable about this event.


The only positive thing I can say about this event is that last KW I got a mythic ammo rune from the silver chests. That’s basically it

I’m struggling with the issue of most of my team checking out because they blow through their energy and log off for the entire rest of the day because there’s no reason to come back :expressionless:


Spenders will have energy either way, this gives non or minimal spenders more of a fighting chance.


The raid button made some but not a significant difference though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I despise this event and seriously think about quitting every time it comes around.


I agree,this event is the worst…I’m a grinder and not spender, so I have to Pace my energy chests and IF. That works fine for me as an individual, but when another team takes 3/4 of your territories in 2 hours, the VP suffer for the team. The ONLY way to do well, is have no hit agreements with, at least 3 neighbors, and have spenders that don’t mind spending every 4 hours for the entire event.


I’m like you i dob’t really like kingdom wars. But the new raid feature is a nice touch. Will PG add it to all PVP events?

Yay! I’m not the only one getting flagged for political reasons! (Aka the devs don’t like me)

Lol such an inflated ego, as if any devs even bother reading your posts. It couldn’t possibly be one of the thousands of players reading here putting out a flag, no your posts must be so important the devs are personally coming by to flag them.

So what colour is the sky in your world?

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I have a better solution than different energy reset times. Scrap the event. It’s the same thing. Over and over and over and over and over and over ad infinitum.


I actually like the strategy involved with the event. So I’d perfer not scrapping it. :woman_shrugging:

I mean…so is Pits - KW just has better visuals.
So is Gauntlet - this just has less Blackblood-fighting and you don’t have to compete with teammates for a limited amount of points.
So is Temple Raid, to an extent - the same handful of teams are fighting for the supercharge bonus on basically every island.

While I know many people disagree, I’d say if anything, KW has more potential than most of the other events. It just suffers from the same “A couple overpowered teams can ruin things for everyone else” issue that shows up in every event, and in Atlas. And as a few people, like Red, have brought up, it may be the one where it’s easiest to fix those issues.

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Yes, it does have potential to be better. The problem is what would make it better?

Gauntlet is different. Yes, the Gustav islands are monotonous but the 2 minute PvP is an adrenaline rush! Fastest team with the most megas will win! It’s fantastic And I love it regardless if my team wins or not. lol

Temple raid is also quite different because its a race to the guards. Once there, teams are safe points wise.

Pits again, different because only the last 20 to 25 minutes truly count as long as a team hasn’t lost that many points prior to.

Kingdom Wars is non stop battling. It’s literally about strategy, map placement and having the right allies. If a Dread team is in a league that is DOA dominated, then most likely they won’t be happy lol and vice versa…

Just my pov

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Some of this may just be a difference of perspective. I honestly loathe the mega-fest that is the PvP islands in Gauntlet, or the last few minutes of each round in Pits, because it’s nothing more than who can spam the most attacks fastest. There’s very little in the way of being a good flyer, defender, tactician, etc.

I like the fact that KW involves more strategy, though the effects of alliances and map placement and such can cause problems. And while the nonstop aspect of the event drives me crazy at times, it also means that it works well for teams/players in different time zones.

In my current league, for example, two of the more powerful teams are an Italian team and a US team, and they go back and forth depending on who’s awake and who’s asleep. As compared to most events where teams sorta stay where they are the whole time.

Some of the suggestions I’ve seen that I liked range from “Being able to select your capital position (within certain regulations)” to “Being able to move your capital (within certain regulations)” to “Having a two-stage map that could encourage the top teams to focus on fighting each other” to “Figure out what to do about sandbagging,” to “Scale points based off difficulty of target, not rank within the team,” to “Fix the Atlas alliance problems, which should decrease pre-existing alliances in KW,” among others.