Kingdom Wars Gold Chest Pulls - April 19, 2018

Post your gold chest drops here!

I still hate Dragon Boosts into Gold Chest. Must be removed

Have to agree with this.

I opened more :see_no_evil:

The last SEVERAL PvP events it really seems like IF is 5x more likely to drop then energy!

It’s not much good having 100s of Fire wirh very very little energy :roll_eyes: I’m aware it’s probably just bad luck lol

Anyone else having trouble with energy drops?

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Yeah, I’ve noticed they’re a little lower too. Bit disappointing. I do need IFs but Energy Packs allow to, y’know, attack more lol. :t_rex:

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As one who depends on boost a lot, I like dragon boost…

I used to need a lot, but now that I have 450+ of both, they just annoy me. I do need more tower boosts though :confounded: :t_rex:

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Damn man thats where my energy went… but i think i got your sigils

Energy packs & Inner Fire annoy you?

But you need more Tower Boosts? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What? No. Dragon Attack and Health boosts annoy me. I’m often always out of Tower Defense boosts. And of course I’ll take all the IFs and energy I can get. :t_rex:

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Don’t boost your base 24/7…

I usually have thousands of Tower boosts but I still only boost during wars & Fort/Feeding.

I boost my base 24/7, and both are stable in 800+


I could too…But I’m usually always full of RSS outside of Feeding/Fort and if not it’s very easy raid…So idk everyone has different ways of doing stuff I just don’t see much of a reason to boost outside of those events or wars.
Except for maybe PVP to make it hard on opposing teams and I have but especially not during down time.

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Only killer island, which is 2 items/6h

Not following?

Or I got lost somewhere :thinking: