Kingdom Wars: Location Placement

What factors come into play when deciding placement during the Kingdom Wars event?

I’m asking because in so many events, we’ve always been in 1 of 2 locations (both of which are next to each other).

Yes, which other teams near you is a factor, I’m just after info about deciding placement.

I’m also interested to know what experience others have had with their placement?

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Coincidentally enough, someone was videoing me when I first saw our KW placement for this week’s event



So KW is like a pile of :poop: or
Is it a termite :ant: nest??

Have you never seen Jurassic Park? :scream:

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I may be too young for that :baby:

Is that an oxymoron? How can you be too young for dinosaurs? :t_rex::sauropod:

edit: AM I OLD??? :scream:


I knew Jurassic World :earth_africa: not Park :t_rex:
:baby_bottle: I’m 6 btw :baby:

In my previous team back in platinum (left 9 months ago) we’ve been always placed in only 2 spots also near each other. But in my current team it has always been random :woman_shrugging: Been in all places around the map.
It’s a mystery but I don’t think there’s too much behind it.

My team has bounced around the map since the first KW.

Juno my teams reaction was opposite for a change :clap::clap::clap:

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My suggestion to you would be to stop doing whatever it is were planning on doing today and watch Jurassic Park. BEST.FILM.EVER!!!


In 4K, the classic is great VHS style, but wow the rerender is :star_struck:.


Seconded! Then watch Starship Troopers. Just because…

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