Kingdom Wars - Map reset every 24 hours

I mentioned briefly in another thread that Kingdom Wars would be a bit more bearable if the map reset every day in line with the energy reset.

This way you would have the fun of a race to monument 5 times over a weekend.

When I say reset I mean both in terms of map position and tiles resetting to factory settings. This would be due to the inherently random and potentially unfair Capital placings.

It would provide a bit of variety.

If you think the reset would benefit from being every 30 hours, rather than every 24 hours, to benefit a variety of time zones, I could get on board with that too.


I really like this idea!!!

I really hate this idea.


I get wanting to improve KW, but we already have events where its a race to establish yourself. The point of Kingdom wars is the ebb and flow. In this scenario, without a change to how the points are done, the VP per hour, this means that the energy used at the beginning of the reset is valued at more than the energy used just before the reset.


This is true currently. The team who spends a shed load of energy at the beginning of the event to claim and fortify a monument is worth more than the team who expends the same amount of energy to do the same at the end - especially if they have allies around them

Yes, but it is over 5 days not 1 day, five times… that’s the issue as I see it.


I take your point. If someone is trying to fight their way out of their Capital they’d be better off waiting for the next reset but, if there’s a chance to take a monument, the VP earned on that will be worth the same for the last hour of one day as it will in the first hour of the next.

Except you can’t keep the monument, you get one hour of VP vs the opportunity for much more when you take it early and protect it making the value in the early stages higher.

That’s the whole point of my suggestion. Placements are random and a good placement means a lot in this event.

To have resets makes this potential random benefit less likely to impact the entire event or, more to the point, make a crap position less detrimental to your entire event.

This is also part of the suggestion

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Your idea is very good . . .:bulb:

If there were a reset then I would like to see a placement shuffle too. :grin: That way, if you’re team isn’t happy where its currently placed maybe better luck next time. I hated where we were position this past weekend; we did not do well at all. Ugh. On the flip side, if a team was well positioned then a shuffle would kind of suck. lol

Mostly unless the map size is reduced it will be a fight for blackblood hexes over and over and over again.

I could get on board with a reduced size map. I know there’s been a previous Kingdom Wars amendment made by Red which I did like.

To be fair, I just hate Kingdom Wars. Would be happy with any change really. Or for the event to die a death.

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Totally get that… from an organizational stand point it takes far too much time for the rewards. I find it exhausting.


I don’t think repeating the race everyday would be fun for the timezone and VP reasons Fragity mentions, for energy use reasons – it makes sense to burn some energy day 1 to take advantage of uncontested land and easy points – and for alliance reasons: I don’t want to have to deal with new neighbors every 24 hours.

It would be a very different event, but I don’t think it would be more fun or rewarding.


Why would we do a map reduction? The same teams dominating the map will still dominate a reduced map.
What I don’t like about this thread suggestion is it devalues the use of a strategy. When you see your placement, you develop a strategy, and a goal. And then you work towards that goal until it’s achieved. If the map just constantly resets and reorganizes, I don’t see how it’s beneficial.

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I take your points on board. I did suggest maybe every 30 hours rather than 24 so that all timezones would get equal treatment. This way the map would only reset 4 times.

It was also for alliance reasons that I made my suggestion. Just thinking of the poor team trapped/surrounded by an alliance for the entire event. It’s pretty demoralising. At least by changing it up every so often it means they have a chance. Otherwise they’re hemmed in for 5 straight days.

I’m not trying to devalue strategy necessarily but my counter to this is that there is nothing strategic about where you are randomly placed at the beginning of the event and who your neighbours are.

That’s just bad luck… it’s really a competition on who creates the best strategy. Did those teams try to make peace with neighbors? Or did they assume they could 1V3 everyone around them? With all events there’s no-hits and people getting screwed over more than others. That’s just how it is.

It’s the strategy you create FROM your placement and the teams around you. Are you gonna create a no hit with (x y z) teams? What land is my team gonna go for first? What’s our end goal? How much land do we think we can take? After we take this land, what’s the next option? … that’s all strategy and strategic planning.

And if you’re hemmed in by 3 teams on the same alliance?

Team up with the people on the other sides of them and crush them inwards :woman_shrugging:t2: Sometimes you get stuck with bad luck.