Kingdom Wars - No Points Achievements Received after some Super Attack Runs (PLEASE Help)

I’m using an Android phone (Huawei M10 Pro, brought it in Singapore) to play this New Event since it started.
However, I can’t claim any price after some super attack runs. I thought that it probably was caused by synchronization issue cuz there are too many players rushing into the event page atm lol.
But anyway I still cannot receive anything after the next day.
Dunno if there’s a similar issue that someone has in the game.

@@@Please help as soon as possible@@@

Do you have your energy still?or it’s gone?
Maybe you swapped your team?
Is it shows,that you earned any points,but can’t claim,or there is 0 points?

I joined in a new team before this event started and I got 30 energy pack in normal attack and a few of supper attack wisely. But it turns that I didn’t have my points and I have zero team contribution lol

I have another account (lvl 317) that is very active in S1 team and I use that account on my Iphone 6 plus. Honestly, I did the same process on both devices after new event started officially lol.
Only this account in lvl 258 on Android System got such a damn bug lol

dunno how to get PG attention to my request? Or I have to post this topic elsewhere. (new to forum haha)

If u need the screenshots to verify both results on my 2 devices, I will submit them later.

Did you put in a ticket with support yet? :tulip:

I thought if PG can view it over there lol

You should put in a ticket first … come here if you get no help.

ok, I will do it

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

Just submitted my ticket and I’m waiting for their response, btw thanks lol.

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It might happens if you started team quests on one account in previous team
You can do it automatically,you won’t even notice
I also have the same issue with my alt and another account
Both swapped team,during treasure hunt,but alt did team quest In previous team
So alt can’t get any event points at all,and second account can get only personal points

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