Kingdom Wars - Or Going No Where?

So this new event CONCEPT is interesting and I definitely like the idea.

But as usual PG has messed the scaling up, FUBAR.

Each ordinary square is 10k points. To put that in perspective, the 200 sigil prize level is only 9k points.
Most players in gold and below will only contribute enough points to unlock a single square over the course of the entire event. I bet there are teams in bronze and silver who wont leave their home square the whole time.

Even in my P4 team I am expecting us to open no more than 30 squares the whole event.

This is going to be a very boring event if it takes us 3 days to even reach the other teams.

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Actually in gold it’s 5k normal territory and 7.5k Minor and 15k the major one.
It’s meh … reasonable to some point.
But the blackbloods definitly don’t give enough points.

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Unrelated, where the hell did they put the button for buy more energy? I cant find it on the battle tab.

Edit: Nevermind, found it - you have to drop down the info bar


30k in diamond - Coin Wars :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol it took me a few minutes to spot that too :joy:

20k in sapphire


Can anyone explain to me how this is substantially different to all of the other dull PvP tapathon games? Its dull to attack the same layout over and over. Wheres the best part of KotH, the Raid button? This relieved the boredom at least as you could avoid finger seizure from the tap-fest. The map is different and looks better but the game mechanics are unchanged. Really lame.


They said in some post somewhere that the raid button would not be in this event, but they are working on it and in future it will be added to all PvP events.

Someone can furnish the link, I dont remember where I saw it.



On the plus side it hasn’t crashed on me once so far. Maybe they weren’t lying when they said that the old PvPs were unstable. Knock on wood…

Edit: It crashed. :cry:


It’s 10k in plat 1

I agree, attacking people gives a lot more points

Does someone know when energy will refresh?

22 hours from now

September 12th, 3474 is sometime in the future :slightly_frowning_face:

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Where can we see that. Normally there is a clock telling when you click on energy

Go to the battle screen, press the info button to pull down the menu, press the + button next to your energy and it says when the energy cost will reset on the dialog that opens up.

22 hours 39 minutes as of right now.

You may need to buy energy before it shows up. Or maybe a game restart :thinking:

So far it seems like mega coin for the win. So much for strategies :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:.


been that way since the introduction of the mega coin :woman_shrugging:

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yeah… :pensive: mega coins are the worst