Kingdom Wars - Or Going No Where?


Godwin aside, we have been Tom Sawyer’ed. Same event, pretty new packaging, with the new and improved bonus meter, except nothing about the EVENT actually changed, minus a small bump in points for the Blackbloods.

How very PGchic


@PGCrisis has informed me that some people were offended by the reference to Nazi Germany. Although I would point out that I referenced only the governmental structure of the third Reich, and at no time did I reference Hitler, nonetheless I acknowledge that it is a trigger topic and I apologize to anyone offended by this reference. My intention was only to make analogy by virtue of a well known example of a dictatorship masquerading as a democracy. At no time did I ever intend to imply that PG has anything else in common with the third Reich beyond illusory representation lacking in substance. Upon further reflection, I realize that this wasn’t a very good analogy anyway since the third Reich began its rule as a true democracy whereas PG’s ownership of War Dragons has always been total and absolute. Therefore a much better analogy, although perhaps not as well known, would be to compare the GPF to the State Duma of the Russian Empire. The Russian Empire began, like PG, as an autocratic monarchy and, like PG, only implemented popular representation after a major revolt (1906 revolt) as a bid to stave off a full scale revolution by means of the illusion of popular representation.

@PGCrisis - apology and better analogy provided. :slight_smile:


You mean, after they bought it? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I see snowflakes, snowflakes everywhere!

I actually thought your analogy was ok, but then again, i’m not one to get my underclothes wound up over something so silly. The Russian one doesn’t do it justice unless you are a student of history, which sadly, there aren’t many of those nowadays.

EDIT Apparently no one knows what the Reichstag was. :man_facepalming:



Now that we have had a good chuckle, let’s just see how they do tweaks for the next iteration. I’m glad they are taking things slow and implementing stuff and testing it out a bit at a time rather than a whole schwack of intense changes. Guide the event in the right direction, don’t throw it into hyperdrive and cruise well past the goal.


Well played, well played :+1:

I still remain skeptical as to any future changes to the event. The biggest issue that I have seen with it, the beginning placement which determines whether you hate life or get awesome points easily, hasn’t been touched.

Honestly, if they wanted us to have an Atlas event, they should have just given us Atlas :rofl:


I hope they adjusted the script that decides what team goes where to make things more fair.


No mention of it, so me thinks we be screwed.


This is a good start. Thank you.

That…is not…even vaguely the point. The point is that you just compared us to a bunch of mass-murdering nazis over us adding a feature to try to improve events in a video game. That you even think this is a borderline acceptable comparison is mind-boggling.

This facet of this conversation is over.


Seems a fair comparison to me. PG is sucking the fun out of this game,and they absolutely do not listen to the players. This new idiotic bonus meter proves it.


Hey, when I said that that specific facet of the conversation was over, I meant it for everyone. I will hand out forum bans over this.


On Topic:
@PGSqurl , Will there be any Discourage Bullying mechanism (perhaps similar to CtW, which lower the points for defeating low rank/area, and raise the points for high rank/area) for this or next Kingdom Wars? Given that some unlucky draw may result in giants neighborhood, especially for lower league, such as Gold?

Off Topic:
Accepting IF and Energy Packs donation…

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To whoever flagged my post, thanks for proving my point. If you had even bothered to try and translate it, then you’ll know why I’m laughing right now.


Honestly, who would?


what language are we supposed to translate from?



They flagged your post. I wonder how many even know what you said. :stuck_out_tongue:



In this case, you will need to broaden you definition of language.

But if you figured out what I said earlier, @Rexaandel did exactly what I did. There is a hint where to start… If you know what you’re looking for.


I’m mildly convinced the reason it got flagged was because the flagger didn’t know what I said.


#StopFlagShamingNow #BackOnTopic :joy:


We are getting old sadly…



I promise you big brother can read, index, and search this easier than you can.