Kingdom Wars - Or Going No Where?


I finally got it translated. I can see why you were laughing :joy: (It took me a while to track down how to translate it once I got home from work :laughing:)


No clue what it says but I’m wondering how long it took him to type out lol


Not long.


Oh my… That almost sounds like a challenge.

Like… What might be more challenging? Obviously, really encrypting is out… There’s no figuring that out. You either have the key, brute force it, or ignore.

But I could get more obscure… And layer in different orders. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Literally anything other than the internet’s most used encoding and especially not one with really obvious to spot padding.

And ideally not using ASCII offset for the alphabet offset, it’s bad enough incrementing predictably from a-z linearly. (Although it was fun even if it literally was the first thing I tried)

Ideally you would target your message where your key and their key combine to form a message only the target audience could decode. Assuming you like to dabble in prime numbers and exponent math.

Even if you wanted a public message you could leave the private key hidden in plain sight.

If I was leaving some kind of public message I think I’d use the standard page, paragraph, word key combined with hiding pieces across multiple messages and use some pattern to hint at it.

Maybe even a white font so only those who have different colors set or highlight it can see it… (pretty sure html font tags work here) the possibilities are endless… one of my favorites is embedding it into an image.

Or if you wanted an obvious code I think I’d put the box in a few more boxes…


Ah… But my target was everyone… At these are the building block of modern encryption… So, that would defeat the purpose.


I went on to cover that too.


So… Can you find it?


I found a few things but not the message yet. If it says something like this is how to keep someone busy for a few hours…

I’m wondering how many false tells you added now.


It seems the many tools available for this are not really compatible with each other. I attempted to decode with several tools other than the one I used to make it, and they all found nothing or returned garbage. :frowning:
Of well.

Nah, certainly wasn’t trying to waste your time. Although the steganography thing would we fun, as long as we both knew which decoder to use.


Yup. I’ve found this too. I was surprised a little as there are some basic tricks used.

I found one that gave me data, but it only had 2 high ordinal ASCII char which seemed unlikely to be what the message is.

Either way I spotted the logo you snuck in the screenshot and had a giggle.


I cant see anything! :sob:

I hope you can see this. Took a while to color correctly.



Well, it seemed appropriate. :man_shrugging:


Well the reduction in territory hp seems to have opened up team movement a lot more- at least in Gold1:

Be interested to see how your maps look?


I still can’t see images for some reason so I have no idea what your map looks like. Is it completely filled up with no blackbloods left?


One word: glacial


And the survey says…this event is still awful. They added a shitty version of the bonus meter and basically made almost no changes to the other issues. Like watching a Chevy SSR crash and burn and their solution is…they added a different and slightly used air freshener with the scent of vomit. Solid work PG :smiley:


These types of events is what kills a game. Its just plain boring. Like I dont feel intensity or some shit unlike KOTH.

But commends on the lvl 350 base, its fun to fly. The pre-cast of storm tower is good . :crazy_face:



Mine had a different aroma. :man_shrugging:


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