Kingdom Wars - Or Going No Where?


Seems mobile players just take whatever is given.


Yeah it’s scaled lol. Gold is 5k normal territory, 7.5k for a minor monument. But if there is a plat+ team here (200+ level members) it’s not much of a competition :smirk:


Down here in plat4, no one’s anywhere near anyone else’s territory yet. How many points do you get for attacking the top of another team’s roster?


Im in P4 also. After dumping a 100 pack and a bunch of inners we have now captured ONE SQUARE adjacent to our capital.

So here’s what I think is going to happen. Basically we aren’t mobile. We cant move around the whole map. Hell I bet even diamond teams cant move very far from wherever they spawned. Taking each square simply costs too much for that. So everyone is gonna bee line for the nearest monument, and then the are going to spend the whole event in 1-on-1 or 3-way battles with the other team or two teams that went for the same monument. And that will be the entire event.

In short, its gonna suuuuuuckkkk.


You underestimate the whales.


Holy worm tracks batman! Although even there I see a number of teams with only one or two squares captured. Really looks like there are only about 4 teams that have stretched out far from their capital.


I give it 24 hours and the entire map will be claimed.


In that league yeah, I would agree with you. But it will probably be 80% held by those same 4 or 5 teams that are stretching now.

Please post a pic tomorrow, I want to see


Here is a sample Sapphire 3 map. It seems decently lively. After all the event has only been going on for 2 hours. However, the energy costs need to reset a LOT sooner. Once a day is not going to cut it.


PG found a way to make after retiring my all time MOST HATED event Conquer the world an even worst 2.0 version.

Never say never lol.

Thanks god that we have the mega coin to keep the participation low on that one with a moderate outcome.

Maybe some day they bring an enjoyable PVP… maybe …


My team has uttered the words “soul crushing.”


You mean like the retired King of the Hill? That one was at least somewhat enjoyable, thanks to the bonus meter and the raid button. Mega coins have pretty much ruined every single PVP event :woman_facepalming:


i just want that damn raid button! I dont mind if raid button costs 1 potion! Its just no brainer why do i have to grind trhough a base i know i can beat, especially blackbloods :face_vomiting:. Put option whether u wanna put 1, 2 or 3 IF. :face_vomiting:


I only got to play KoTH once but enjoyed it way more than this event. Its in dire need of a bonus meter and raid button. Q


What is each tiers major monuments? In platinum iv it’s 30k.


50k in diamond

Level 450… 1B defense. Full level 60s


Gold it must be 10k as the minor monuments are 7.5k and blackbloods 5k


&/&/+;&&/&/;=:=:&/- mega coins!!


Mega coins for the win baby.


The teams that start on the map edges get an advantage because they are protected by the map border. They should connect the borders so the bottom of the map can hit the top of the map and the left side of the map can hit the right side of the map, etc. Make it more like a globe instead of a flat map.