Kingdom Wars - Or Going No Where?


Anyone else having screen freeze while attacking? Not lag, actual freezing


A few times last night, not too bad. But did happen sometimes.


I do like how you can hit the same target as many times as you want in this event.
That’s ALMOST as good as a raid button if you ask me.

Just find the weakest link in the upper echelons of your target team and just spam them with supers over and over and over.


Here is the current state of the Sapphire map. It appears to be getting more strategic as far as team targeting goes.


I actually like the new format. it takes strategic thinking as well as team participation. Plus the Blackblood bases being set up like normal islands, with farms is a nice change.
The only downside I have seen so far is, of course, the use of mega coins to nab hexes when going head to head with another team. That does take some of the fun out of the teamwork and planning. But that seems to be the new normal, so overall I really think they did a good job with this new event.
Now I just have to hope 39 of my teammates agree enough to rack up 15k points so I can have a shiny new Legendary Ammo glyph… :grin:


This may win new worst pvp event now that others have been retired. The blackbloods are beyond insanely overtuned, point achievements are way overreaching for having a 24 hour energy reset clock and mega coin exists. This is frustrating to play. Bring back koth.


I don’t believe this was meant to replace KotH. I think from my perspective this replaces Conquer the World. They have also stated that some features we love (hopefully raid and bonus meter) will be coming to this event in the future = yay


Super&Mega + raid? :thinking:


I see 3 teams that have not yet reached a monument or another team. They are still trying to get through the blackbloods.

And this is sapphire.

Clearly enough evidence that the blackblood squares have too much HP.


I would like to see the common spaces have their hp cut in half, but the Monuments keep the same hp. It would make the map much more dynamic, but still keep the monuments as a major investment.

As side note to your comment, the teams that do not hold much territory have a lot of partially conquered land around their territory. It may be their leadership is not sure what to do, and they are randomly attacking spaces.

Our team has been well organized this event, and have control of two monuments at the moment, with a strong presence on the map. I purposefully omitted our holdings so no one can see our next targets.


Gold1 map example. Major monuments are 15k hp. I quite like the event at this level, it’s pretty fair and stops 1 team just dominating the map immediately.


Plat III: The bloodshed has begun. My team has lost 3 hexes in less than an hour from the same team.

Each hex is 10k hp, minor 20k, major - not even close to one. My own level (102) gives approx 105 pt. Which is a joke. A very bad one.

lv 120 blackblood gives 90pt (in minor only 88).

I know it’s kinda unfair to my team, but I find this “beta KW” not worth spending my hard earned EP or IF on. I doubt that we could get the Ammo glyph anyway.

And I hope that there will be bonus meter and raid replacing the super and mega attacks, and it won’t be like Ochre, the Armour, and other things swept under the rug.


That’s map is the as full as the plat 2 map lol. Most of the hexes are claimed already.


My team is having a blast but we’re a bit too big for gold 2

I like and loathe the ability to cut off a teams progress by removing the link to the capital.


but the Earth is Flat!!!


Nice event there

Gold4 is unengaged. We cam out swinging and now are in cruise control

Success of War Dragons is built on Successful Leaders

Good luck with getting the ammo rune.
Ive heard many people say that this game is more strategic too but no one can actually say how. To me the game boils down to attacking other teams to earn points, only now you attack hexagons instead of fortresses. This is exactly how most of the other pvps work, so i dont see the difference, substantively it’s exactly the same mechanics, just a different look. Also how can the raid button be buggy when it worked fine just two weeks ago?


I consider it a more localized Conquer the World, where picking which tile to attack can matter vs just picking on which team with above ~8K acreage has the easiest targets with the highest point values. It’s still the usual PvP grind, though, and with the territory HP being so high, progress is less impressive. It’s almost a necessary evil with the greater evil that is mega coins. :disappointed:


Strategy is required more for team success, not indivually.


The strategy is in defending your areas imo, teams try to tunnel and you can cut them off by removing just one of there areas.

If you can’t figure out how to make this strategy work in this event maybe you don’t belong in leadership or higher leagues.