Kingdom Wars - Or Going No Where?


heard the “raid button” was done by the original owners of WD before PocketGems bought the Game.

So they had to get rid of KOTH event and “create” a new pvp instead cause KOTH was tending to do Server Problems.


Here’s your updated D1 map


It sounds like it may be scaled for some leagues but my currently league (currently lower S2) is a joke. The map is mostly empty and any attempt to do anything results in fighting over common tiles.

I still think it’s terrible to make individual points better by ignoring team strategy. (Low points possible for non pvp)

At least where I’m at it feels like a massive failure at use of one size fits all. The most successful strategy is to b-line for the high level monuments and lightly reinforce, since it’s so costly just to get there.

The cost to cut someone off from their home tile is so high that the strategy doesn’t pan out unless your team is dropping crazy energy boxes. Which yes it does seem like they are just trying to take back all of the compensation for siege weapons they gave us.

At least in my league the only real strategy that seems to have paid off is to have tiles mostly captured and wait to flip the last bit when smeone assaults your other tiles. I cut someone off but it didn’t pay off except to screw one team with no advantage to my team due to how costly it was.

There is a huge advantage to territory along the edges… I think the center of the map needs to be for the strongest teams, which may be what they did, but the highest ranking (best at wars) has nothing to do with event performance.

At least in my league tile flipping needs to be more rapid in order for most strategy to mean much. This has so much potential but you are too limited in what you can spend resources on to utilize most good strategy.

It’s a giant snooze fest after energy runs out. (Which is quick).


40 teammates need 15k points to get the Legendary Ammo Glyph.

PG, We need a bonus meter or something!

At an average of 100 points per attack, that’s 150 attacks. Less attacks with IF, or less attacks with Supers, but those require even more Gold Chests than the minimum below.

The absolute minimum required for 15k points is 80 Energy Crates, for 600 energy, to 150 attacks in the 4 days.
So 40 people on the team need to spend 80 Energy Crates (minumum) for anyone to get the Legendary Glyph.

Near as I can tell, 40 players on a team reaching the 42k point team prize is Impossible.

I’d be curious to find out if Any team hits the last team achivement. Please let me know.


My team spawned in the centre of the map, and we had hard time reaching a monument. Other teams started at the edge where they could had at least 2 monuments to conquere. The location seem like a bad preparation from PG


Many teams reach that teir for team prizes and many more reach the final prize. The final prize is tough usually though.

The achievement are much harder for lower leagues I’m assuming because of activity, but all the prizes aren’t designed to be achieved by all players or teams.


The good stuff is reserved for spenders. I’ve been hitting hard with supers,but I doubt I hit 40k points.


That wouldn’t be a globe, that would be a doughnut :rofl:

Besides, if this truly is the conquer the world replacement, then matching the premise, it would have to stay an island. The idea is that a lost continent resurfaced, so you have to race to claim as much land as possible.

Though honestly, if the continent keeps sinking, then I don’t know why you would try to get any land at all. I highly doubt the civilization has access to any airtight waterproof buildings.


I feel your pain. Our team is doing well in the event (currently 1st in Plat 4).

But doesn’t look like the Legendary Ammo Glyph is gonna be happening for us. :sob:


It didn’t matter in CtW because you could attack any team no matter where your territory was compared to theirs. Giving teams an equal playing field is more important than War Dragons lore (which is highly lacking anyway) imo.

Edit: I do enjoy good lore in a game. However, I’m still waiting for the end of the Abraxxas Arc from the forgotten Lore tab that was once on the Season screen. The last Lore tab they made had Spindra named “Spinerak”. That was good for a laugh at least.


Now this would be the most logical thing to do, but when has PG ever adhered to logic in events?

On a side note, I think they haven’t completely abandoned the lore, yet.

Edit: nice timing, I was just thinking about that


But it seems like lore is more just small bits of stories about dragons/portraits so far.


I wouldn’t mind if they continued with just the portraits flavor text, I mean, a few old portraits finally have some names.


I’m sorry Lethal, but you can’t say that “many more reach the final prize” in an event we’ve never seen before. The event is new and has nothing to compare against, and therefore, it’s possible that the event is miss-calibrated.
I made this post because I’m in a Diamond team which always reach the final prize. Always. until this one.


I was basing it off other PVP events that all score fairly similar. We will see I guess


In other events we have(had):

  • Point multiplier based on island difficulty
  • Bonus based on the duration owned
  • Bonus Meters based on energy spent
  • Raiding for 1/2/3/5 energy

Kingdom Wars is nothing but grind and spam inner fire.
I challenge you to name one other PVP event that has no form bonus or multiplier for individual points…


Your response is sounding like I was arguing with you… relax.

Again, we will see how it goes.


I can see that the top team in my league (cough) has done 1.6 million across the board, maybe a bit more if they’ve lost some land.
Divided by 50 players, and their only 2/3 of the way to the last team achivement.
When was the last time “this team” took so long to get the final achievement?

And if they’re behind their normal pace, the rest of us are doomed.


Understood man. If you read what I wrote again, you might understand clearer.

Repeat… reaching the prize teir (for the glyph) is not that difficult for upper leagues as often my plat mini team reaches that teir most events too.

Reaching 40/50 members for the final tier has always been tough on PVP events. However, I do think you’ll find many teams reach it. Maybe my definition and your definition of “many” are in seperate pages. When I refer to many, I’m referring to higher rated teams, that perform higher than others.

I say that because just like event prizes, usually many “high performing players” reach the final prizes + bonus prizes. The final prize for team achievements I don’t feel was designed to be achieved by 70-80% of all teams, but once again the final teir was for top performing teams.

People also (usually lower lvl players) say that top teir personal prizes during events are impossible. That’s because those teirs aren’t designed to be achieved my masses, so they do seem impossible.


I agree with you 100%
And I know your response is just going to be “we’ll see”
But this event seems like it’s miss-calibrated with other events, due to not have any opportunity to bonus or multiply points.
There is no teamwork required, just get 40 individuals spend 80 energy packs and spam 150 attacks. It’s a clear departure from previous events, that’s my only point.

Edit, please let me know if your plat minim team reaches the Glyph prize this time