Kingdom Wars - Or Going No Where?


I don’t keep records of events usually so I don’t know the math to compare the difficulty of this event compared to past.

However, If memory serves me correct on the last PVP (KoTH) for example, wasn’t the glyph prize at 40kish points and final at 84kish? I’m also thinking a super with 3 - 4 IF paid about 1800 points once bonus meter was maxed? A super With 3-4 IF this event pays roughly 700-850?

So that’s roughly half the points earned, but 1/2 the points needed? Again, I could be completely wrong… just using memory.

I left my plat team last week down to gold… this game with Atlas and Quests is making playing a mini to time consuming… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This event is a grind. And I don’t get why HP of hexes go up with leagues. I’d much rather they all stay at around the current gold league levels. What this will do is allow much more pvp action a lot sooner and lot more frequently. You wouldn’t need to plow thru 30k of Gustav HP just to get to a pvp hex. Smaller hex HP will allow more frequent land changing of hands which in turn makes the event more…eventful.


I thought the exact same thing. Very little PVP so far.

Maybe PG figured higher leagues would just all be using megas so it would go fast… lol


Or PG thought it would engineer more coin usage so they can continue to point to the stats and say how loved then mega coin is.


Its about :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:
Anyway. Here goes Plat 3 map atm

We have been fighting since day 1 ( PvP) for major monument. Now we had to change strat


The “bug” in the raid button was less functional and more structural. It didnt cause PG to make more money. PG wants a raid button that makes them more money in the process. So from their perspective, its a bug. The new redesigned raid button will probably require us to buy raid tokens with rubies or something along those lines in order to use it. God I hope I didn’t just give them that idea tho…


We also spawned in the center, BUT our map has a river running through it and our back was to the river. So effectively the same as spawning on the edge. It has worked out very well for us, currently #3 in our P4 league.

But I agree performance has an awful lot to do with spawning luck since your capital is not mobile and it costs too much HP to move very far around the map


Yes! That’s what we need a Ruby Raid Button!
If they want to just be honest.

Normal attacks nothing: so fairness and all :unamused:

Raids will be 100 rubies 200 rubies 300 rubies
Change the name to Cash Wars.

Event fixed! :sunglasses:


So this map looks pretty much like I expected. I may not have expressed it very well in my original post. What I was trying to say is that teams would be contained more or less locally wherever they spawned and will only come in contact with 2-5 other teams during the course of the whole event.

Looking at you D1 map it seems that the average team has a maximum radius of extents of about 5-6 squares from their spawning point (radius of extents = the number of moves it would take to go from the capital to the furthest territory that the team owns). The big team up in the northeast corner has the largest radius of extents at 9 squares. A few teams like the one on the east end of the central river have an extent of only 1 square (side note: It must really SUCK to be the underdog team in D1 :joy::rofl:)

For reference your map is 24x29 squares total size.

Overall I kinda like this event. But I would advocate the following improvements;

  1. Have 24 hour rounds, with the capitals respawning and all territory resetting at the end of each round. That way the effects of luck of the spawn are reduced.
  2. HP cost for unclaimed blackblood ordinary territory should decrease by 2/3 to allow for more mobility.
  3. Cap mega token usage to 1 per person per round. Use it wisely. That would limit the effect of the mega tokens while also incorporating a strategic element of when to use that limited resource.


24 hour spawn would give teams who have a lot of players who are in the correct timezones to be on at the start a huge advantage. Lowering the health of the regular land would go a long way to reducing the problems of spawning luck.


Here is our latest map.


I think that lowering the HP is the islands would leave to top teams being able to expand even further and it would lead to even more teams being wiped/completely surrounded. It’s not an effective move IMO, keep people interested in the long game for keeping the strategy or you throw it out the window.

People here want instant gratification which isn’t what this event offers. Instant gratification is also synonymous with CASH and MegaCoins being a requirement.

I could see energy resets being shortened to 6 or 12 hour cycles for the grindyness of the event. Cheaper energy means people are more willing to put out supers instead of normal attacks to cut down the grind appropriately

Here is part of the D2 map as it stands


Fast energy reset would be nice.


it’s a tough one because Faster energy resets would still allow higher active/spending teams to be able to spread out quicker with less money (using less energy overall).

With the islands being lower health, it would at least make it more simple for lower teams to conquer them back from larger teams. I think it would also make larger teams think more strategically on how to spread out, knowing that any other team can fight back and conquer land fairly quickly. If a large team spread out to far and engaged to many other team “areas”, to quickly, you could see those teams fighting back against the big team for territory. This idea reminds me of Atlas, where big teams conquered massive amounts of lower tier land, but couldn’t effectively defend it as they were spread too thin.

With the current cost, once a piece of land is owned, it’s pretty much owned for along time as it’s tough for a team to conquer 30k points, especially if the other team is defending.

This event is also unfair because you’re basically against about 5 -6 other teams mainly, not the entire league. So there is a lot of luck on who you’re placed next too. Example is how we are currently positioned on the map, as we are away from the teams that are usually the most competitive with us.

This isn’t a “brag” statement, but kind of a sad statement for the situation. Our team has spread out so fast and far, that we have completely surrounded 3 other team capitals (meaning they have zero land for VP). This has got to be a really piss poor event experience for those teams in that situation. I haven’t even seen them trying to fight back, which tells me they just gave up basically on the event. In most PVP events, these teams may have given up on fighting us directly, but they would then engage other teams more competitive with their own, this event doesn’t give them that choice.


We need bonus points like team gauntlet.
Base points x number of hexagons owned x difficulty = total points.
It’s stupid to have same total points regardless of hexagons owned, which is equivalent to team activity. Don’t you want to encourage team activity?

Plus, the base points earned per attacks is too low. Increase that by 100 points. This way, we can have PvP instead of PvE.


Ok concept total screw up in implementation…scaling waaaaaayyy off. Event too slow and totally boring!!! Takes way to long to take over any of the 3 types of territory. Waste of time… would help some if bonus meter was applied but even then scaling still too far off


Nope, you want to reward activity not punish.
More activity = better reward. You have better prizes if you attack more. You get access to more challenging ( also better rewards, and harder for others to take away). hexagons if you attack more often…


Where am I not promoting activity?


You make retaking hexagons too easy. A large base can be easily cut off by small teams.
You want hard hexagons that offers high base points. This way, only the active teams can own hexagons.


…but your theory also suggest lower activity teams can’t play in the event basically. Is that fair? You say a large base can easily be cut off? I disagree, unless they just made a huge tunnel across the map.

There is obviously a balance between too easy and too hard, which would need to be resolved of course to determine the correct health.

Strong, active, spending teams shouldn’t be able to COMPLETELY shut down another team in the event, which is the current states of things on the D2 map.

P.S. - I am that strong active team so I’m not complaining here for personal gain. However, I still don’t think it’s right we can make the event a bad experience directly for other teams so heavily by completely cutting off their access on the map. There should be a way they are able to play still and enjoy the event.