Kingdom Wars - Or Going No Where?


But this is PvP event. If your team is low in activity, you’re out of luck. You can only get good individual prizes. My model will give better prizes to all because each hexagon worth more.

For the record, my team is mediocre in activity as we have several players hardly attacked in event.

PvP should encourage activity, solo event should encourage skills. Too bad, PG took away all the solo events.


the other thing that i question. why are you allowed to hit the same player over and over. almost all other pvp you get to hit the player once (other than when the raid button is there) until you cycle through 10 other players i believe it is.


What league are you Green? Maybe we have different perspective on what active means.

I agree for gold league when you say a team that is “not active” shouldn’t be rewarded, because it’s possibly 40/50 members log in weekly, not daily, and that team places 25th probably.

I’m in Diamond league, where you can’t really classify any of the teams as “not active”. So a Diamond team shouldn’t’ be able to play the game actively, because another team dominates the league and shuts them down? There is a HUGE different between teams placing in the top 3 versus 25th.

There are only places #1 - #25… and as you’d expect, most active = #1 and less active = #25 usually, meaning more activity is rewarded.


This is true too, you just gotta pick the highest level with a weak base and farm. Shouldn’t be that way in PVP, maybe PVE.


This new event is just as unstable as the ones before it. Crashes, freezes, glitches, web page busy, server sync errors, omg. Trying to get to the event and battle page is hell on earth with the web page busy error cycling continually. Please pocket gems, create software to analyze your code for trouble spots. Get rid of your memory leaks. Get the game out of the cloud, put everything on one server. Make this game great again, please!


I’m in Gold league at the moment.
I agree there is no inactive teams in Diamond.


I knew we had to be coming from different points of view


I cant understant this PVP event. Actually we fight against only one team coz we are in the map corner …:man_shrugging:t3:
No fun, no competition… dump of the year


21k to 7800, RIP


The thing is, even if you surround a team, they still can start fighting no matter what. It is not like they cannot conquer any hexes if you surround them. And for me at least, it is actually easier to attack territory owned by another team than the PvE hexes because it gives more points for the same effort. The one thing this event really punishes is poor leadership. The officers and leader MUST plan out what the team is going to do, otherwise everything falls flat.


The team can earn personal points, but are completely shut down on team VP points. Your point of view is coming from “personal” gains, not team gains where mine is coming from.

It’s the balance of league power… if they conquered our land, which may take them an hour or so because of lower activity (or much longer), just to have it retaken against in 10 minutes.

It’s demoralizing for a weaker team.


More personal points=easier to conquer hexes


All they have to do is catch you when you are asleep. We had a Japanese team we had closed off, but overnight they ploughed through our territory and took our monument six hexes away. I still think that with good leadership, almost any team should be able to make at least some gains


I don’t think you are aware of the LD Roster. Take a look :upside_down_face:


Which team is it?

Never mind, LethalDescent

Hmmm, that is impressive. Are they sandbagging in D2?


Would it help the weaker teams if they formed alliances with other teams near them? I can’t say much about alliances, except that for us they have proven very helpful.


Of course alliances would help, but that again is very difficult to arrange as you have no idea what teams you’ll be surround by prior to the event start.

Just overall a tough event as one powerful team can really screw up the game for other teams not as strong. I’m trying to figure out away the game could be more balanced for the an entire league, and not just the top of it.


Land bonus multiplier. Pve bases are 1.00, PVP add +5% or +10% points for every hex that a team has. That means that sometimes it’s not going to be strategic to own just masses of land and better to own monuments instead.


Something like that would help I’m sure as our team would race to monuments and not just acquire mass land. The problem (great thing for my team) is we have to many players that want massive personal points for prizes, hence they just continue to conquer more and more to achieve the points.

The downside of this is we must, expand, expand and keep expanding until they reach their goals, or other teams have to fight back and take land back, so we can re attack it (which isn’t really happening). As you can see on the map, we haven’t targeted any specific teams to dominate them, by tunneling to their location. The unfortunate thing of my teams aggressiveness to acquire massive points for the rewards, is the teams around us are in a horrible position to acquire team VP.

Even if my team decided to be the nice ones and let the local teams break out to acquire VP, in order to fulfill the points desired on the team we would have to just move in a different direction, doing the same thing elsewhere.

That is where this not being PVP, league vs league, but more of a team vs team (luck of the draw who you’re next to), sucks… If it was a league vs league racing for a monument in the middle, usually there would be more competition to capture the best areas by the top teams, and the non top teams would usually fight over the 2nd and 3rd best areas. (Just like KoTH was basically)


Look at those teams locked in just because of expansion to get points.