Kingdom Wars - Or Going No Where?


Poor leaguedsouls…


So I’m a member of one of the teams LD has surrounded. From a personal perspective i can confirm this event has been a lot less fun for a lot of our group members.

For reference, we usually place top 10 in D2 for event points and are competitive with everyone except the top 2-3 teams of D2. As people, including LD, have pointed out, there is a big penalty to spawning close to the top teams. I would say 90+% of our members can hit the 100 pt kharynx diamond base (lv 350) which is undefended. Contrast that with LD where with full emeralds youre lucky if you can get 90 pts per attack (and probably a lot less if they defend. They have good bases and good defenders) . That already excludes maybe all but the top 20 players on our team from effectively targeting them.

Although they may not intentionally trying to be griefing us thats where its ending up. We usually expect members to get to the 1.2k sigil prize each event (and before people yell at me for being a spender im an elite only player. Ive probably dropped 80 bucks on this game in 2 yrs. Its doable, people.). Thats just not happening this event because we cannot attack ANY team but LD. I like the idea of a size penalty (large lands give more points per attack) similar to what already exists for the conquer the world event. This would at least somewhat even the playing field, since it would allow us to conquer land faster than they can conquer back (and at least make our point gain commensurate with the difficulty of attacking such a high-performing team). Alternatively there has to be some mechanic where we can target other teams. As it stands a lot of us will have to be satisfied with the 15k or 28k prize even though we are an extremely active team. I strongly urge PG to consider some mechanic to prevent complete surrounding of capitals. It just makes some of your most active players frustrated.


Thank you for the input and validation of my thoughts. Sorry this is a rough event for your team.

PG really needs to make some basic changes to help situations like what you’re facing currently.



What about limiting the number of territories a team can own to 2 major, 3 minor and 25 territories? If you take a new territory, you lose your longest owned of the same type.

You can still attack and grab points, you can strategically win and lose locations. It would prevent utter destruction and claiming the whole board.



Some type of mechanic like that would really help, plus it would allow teams to move across the map more effectively. However, they have to tier the areas on the map to make it worth traveling across or into the middle.

I almost picture it like Chinese chest, but the best/most value land, is in the middle of the map. That way you work your way into the middle of the map, but can’t conquer everything in it’s path (well you can’t retain the land as you move further).


Hey uh cool map, that is totally my first time seeing that league layout. Just as a matter of intellectual curiosity, are you encountering pathologically stupid teams who suicidally throw themselves at your major monument and fail to take it, but force you to go back and forth in a mutually destructive stalemate instead of conquering new territory? So they ruin their own placement (e.g., 18th and 24th) because they can never actually take your monument? But they also hold you back by forcing you to spend hundreds of thousands of points pushing against them? And they keep doing that even when it’s pointed out to them how deeply, deeply stupid it is? I heard that was a thing in that league. Like maybe it was happening a lot to the #2 team.

Asking for a friend!


I feel your comment may have an underlying question…

However, to answer you, usually people/teams playing like that is because they are focused on personal points and not team placement and monuments are the best payouts whether owned by PVE or another team.


Lol. Earlier I messaged an officer from one of the teams doing exactly that. They have a ton of open land to the other side of them too, and a weak team on that side holding a minor monument. It seems they prefer to keep their low rank and continue trying to take land from us that we instantly take back.

Needless to say, the advice I tried to give them didn’t change anything.


This event definitely needs adjustments.

They need to add some constraints. Maybe each player can only flip 2 tiles per 24 hour period. Maybe each player can only be attacked once every 15 min. Maybe max tiles can be Owned. Maybe something happens if you are completely surrounded but have no tiles. Maybe headquarters can be moved in some conditions.

It’s definitely not balanced and has a lot of mechanics that result in unhealthy tactics.

And im almost certain this was designed to suck all of our converted energy dry. I’ve gone through thousands of energy boxes without anything to show for it. Had we spawned on the edge our success would be completely different instead of fighting off the same 3 teams from the center to just hold on to a few tiles.


Since sub-league prizes difference has never been implemented, in spite of being fundamental to the original idea, there’s no incentive to move from D2 to D1. LD’s options are maintaining top placement on every D2 event or moving up and facing it’s equal teams in D1, a tougher daily life for lower prizes.


Or it could be that they like d2 LC. Rulith’s members would make that LC different than others. I’d bet references to Excel spreadsheets get brought up every other day. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


You are absolutely right!
The solution to sandbagging is having Rulith to participate on all LCs simultaneously.



It’s not sandbagging when you hit d2, plenty of teams are stacked… they just happen to spend the most


I always find it funny when teams that sand bag to stay in D2 call top D1 teams their equals :joy:

Come prove you’re equal then :man_shrugging:t2:


The game has evolved more to proving your team in Atlas… IMO


That’s another place to prove urself :man_shrugging:t2: A real top team should be a top team everywhere


Maybe, maybe not.


I agree with you. The only advantage of D1 over D2 is bragging rights, and that is kinda cheap.


truth is that D2 is filled with teams that want to get diamond prizes but DONT want to face hard competition…which is why D2 is a mix of sapphire teams and a few Low-Mid tier D1 teams…all trying to balance not dropping to S1 and not being “pushed” up to D1 :joy: Like they intentionally push other weaker teams up by declaring on them and losing…PG needs to fix the prizes so D2 is less then D1, like they originally intended…so we can end this sham


Our team is doing decent. We are sitting 4th in the event. We realized that we needed to create alliances since there were 3 teams around us. By creating an alliance, that was one less team I didn’t have to compete with. We did a I’ll scratch your back you scratch mine. If you can’t beat them join them and so we did. I really am enjoying this event. I love the strategy and it makes me think. Working on my second alliance right now with the team in my right. Then that leaves only one team to fight for land with.

I do understand that it can be frustrating and there are some things to tweak and fix but it can be workable if the teams around you are able to be worked with.

We did not head straight for a monument. We gathered land. Tight round circular form. Amassing land can be just as valuable as a monument if not more. 10 lands equal 1major monument. 4 lands equal 1 minor. So why waste resources fighting over a monument when I can just hold land.

Just some ideas from this side of the pond. Think outside the box:)