Kingdom Wars - Or Going No Where?


There has been some good discussion, and a half decent hijack. So I thought it might be time for a good ole fashioned poll.

  • This event is awesome and perfect! Thanks PG! :heart_eyes:
  • This event is pretty good but needs minor tweaking such as reduction in free space HP, better blackblood payout, and/or more frequent energy resets :smirk:
  • This event is an interesting concept but needs major work to make it fun :unamused:
  • This event reminds me of a “present” my dog left me on the stairs. Thanks Obama. :sob:
  • Tell me more about how P2 is better than P1? :roll_eyes:
  • Id rather be flying Amarok :money_mouth_face:

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That’s when they get crushed!!!


@PGSqurl a suggestion to make capitals attackable for personal points, but not conquerable. This way a team like Lethal (if they want to) can stop expanding and just hit capitals for unlimited personal points while letting other teams fight it out for other land. Since they are already so far ahead…

Just a thought.


Losing longest owned won’t work as it will likely be waaay inside their territory where no one else can get to. My suggestion above works better I think.


Then what about they lose an territory of their choosing?
Or what about it being the furthest land they have away that doesn’t break their chain?

There has to be some type of solution other than to bee line towards capitals for PvP points


I still think if a team is able to expand tremendously then they shouldn’t be limited. I know we want anti griefing but this is an event so anti griefing applies less here I feel.

However, the issue right now is that lethal has no choice but to keep expanding if they want to accrue personal points. So even if they want to stop they can’t. Therefore I feel a good solution would be, if they decide they don’t want to expand anymore, they should be allowed to hit capitals for personal points.


They’ve limited it before, i.e. King of the hill you could only take a certain number of bases at once. They could overcome the loss of the territory potential by giving your team VP when you conquer a tile (as in a one off VP bonus reward), that way you still get VP and team progress but it gives other teams a chance to expand too.

In fact it’d probably be more incentive to attack other tiles, I feel kinda mean just batting people back when they intrude on our territory in order to protect our monument- it means they put all that work in and then get nothing as a team when we snatch it back again.


Things that should probably change, in rough order of how uncontroversial they are:

  • Blackbloods need a total rework. Right now several of them (the 250s in particular) are vastly stronger than any legitimate player base of their level can be, and they give far fewer points than an equivalent player base. (More controversial: My proposal would probably just be to scale their point payouts the same as player territory and reduce their tower levels to something possible for their levels.)

  • Point tiers are way off. I just barely got the legendary glyph, and I’m top ~800 in the game. That tier’s never gotten me into the top 1k before; I’ve been close, but never there. (I’ve never won anything before, you guys! I don’t know what to say, other than “200 people are probably about crush my dreams.”)

  • The bonus point scaling on monuments seems bad (punishes your individual points if your team holds monuments and doesn’t lose them, which is strategically good…) and creates inverse incentives between victory points and individual points. (Best thing for individual points is to trade monument possession repeatedly; going back and forth is terrible for your team’s score, though.) Team and individual incentives should be aligned.

  • Territory should regenerate points over time. Maybe the mechanism should be that it waits an hour and starts regenerating if no one’s attacked it, maybe it should just have slow and steady regeneration, but it’s very dumb to have territory you conquered days ago sitting inside your lines, waiting for the enemy to crack through as an easy route further within your territory.

  • Capitals should be attackable and provide a strategic benefit if taken. If someone marches up to your capital, that should be a cause for alarm; it shouldn’t mean that you can attack them but they can’t hit you back. What I’d propose is that if you score enough points on their capital, it “forces their armies in the field home,” making the capital temporarily invincible but locking that team out from attacking a single hex for a certain duration (chosen by the officers/leaders of the team that beat their capital). This seems decently balanced: the losing team isn’t locked out of playing for the duration entirely, but it can be used to strategically stop an advance, and it gives you a reason to not want a team neighboring your capital.


I actually disagree with this. I like that the top Blackblood bases were actually challenging and it went in to part of my team’s strategy on which territories and monuments to go for. However, I do agree that the points was off on that.

Perhaps territory HP would regenerate once the surrounding tiles have been (re)-conquered by the team.


Oh, no, that part is great. I like the difficulty. I just want a level 250 to be a level 250, not a level 354 (based on the XP value of towers). If the PG game design team thinks we should be fighting 354s as the top base in plat4, I’m okay with that, but I don’t think they actually intended that; I think they made a mistake while designing the bases. Blackblood territory shouldn’t both award fewer points than PVP bases and be more difficult; rewards should scale with difficulty.


Hanging out in Gold III, the Blackbloods I’ve looked at are decent; better than in KotH where they were all around the same level and thus bad for anyone much under that level. The lowest are level 20, but there’s one level 20 that’s more like a real-life level 15 maybe, so all but the youngest accounts can take a shot.

Edit: I’m not sure I’d like territory regenerating points. That’d mean a lot of effort potentially lost just by barely losing a race to take a tile first. Doesn’t that just increase the advantage of higher powered or higher spending teams? The team with an inside tile almost taken just has to keep pushing outward to protect it.


Final S3 map


Kingdom Wars - Personal Review

League - Platinum 1, Placement - 1st.
Scores: 1st - 57.9k, 2nd - 35.1k, 3rd - 32.7k, 4th - 20.0k, 5th - 19.2k
Neutral - 10k hp, Minor Monument - 20k hp, Major Monument - 30k hp

I originally enjoyed the event for the first two days, because it reminded me of my time in Realm of Empires. Territory went back and forth with our neighbors and we genuinely had a contest for Victory Points. But, once we smothered two of our neighbors and the rest just noped off to other monuments, it became more of a point grind. We went back and forth on taking more monuments because of our need for more personal points, but we did sign a truce with one of neighbors to cede a level 1 monument to them. The first team we were going to sign a truce with messaged us too “do move closer or we will attack”… So, that ended our first attempt at peace when both sides moved closer… :rofl:

Event Pro’s:

  • More political strategy involved in a PVP event. Truces, etc…
  • More resource management, teams had to balance fighting for territory and claiming monuments. Waiting for teams to use up their daily resources so you could clean up the region for the night.
  • Team execution and strategy felt very fulfilling when coordinated properly.

Event Con’s:

  • No easy way to expend attacks for personal points without continually conquering your neighbors. Our continual growth played a deciding factor in the placement of a third of the teams in our league.
  • Top scoring teams in different regions couldn’t compete with each other, unless they expended an enormous amount of energy for land control or going for risky tunnels.
  • Territory/border colors. Using the side menu to identify team territory was annoying if you wanted to glance at your neighbors progress.


  • Reduce non-monument HP and VP values, remove mega coin usage on normal land. This is to counter turtleing and allow more teams to dive monuments with more energy left over from blazing the trail.
  • Raise monument hp values to give them more of a feeling like KOTH.
  • Add a point bonus for attacking teams in the top ten.
  • Add an ability for monument ownership to grant attacking neighbor team bases for personal points, undefended/silent attacks.
    Level 1 monument grants ability to attack nearest five teams in the monument vicinity.
    Level 2 monument grants ability to attack any team for personal points.



Does anyone else see a face with drool :drooling_face:


Lol… I see it :face_vomiting:


Platinum hex HP is 10k less than Sapphire for example. Our sapphire map was almost completely filled too. Therefore it’s no surprise to see platinum map filled.

My issue is that it essentially takes almost twice as much effort to clear a Hex in Sapphire vs Plat, because the base defeat points payout is the same between leagues. From the experience in my league, I think a slightly smaller hex HP (say 15k vs 20k) would have made things more interesting and seen land change hands more often.


I would reduce it even more, creating a hex strategy map version of KOTH. My basic issue with Neutral land HP is the way it can be used to create multiple layers of walls around a monument. If we lost one land during our peak times we could turn around and just cut them off without any risk to the monuments. The only one we lost was the level 1 monument to the west, which was located above two top five teams. But, we reclaimed it twice and pushed for the second level 2 in the last 12 hours to satisfy personal points.

EDIT: In regards to VP, the bulk of our Victory Points came from the non-monument land we held. Our team was actually concerned when the #2 and #3 teams had more monuments than us, we forgot to lookup the VP stats per territory. But we outpaced them simply by building up a massive bubble around our first two monuments.


I still like my idea of randomly spawning to a different location on the map every 24 hours at least. Keep the monuments and territories but relocate. So boring hitting the same guy on the same team for the entire event.

Made it to 80k points but team was more than bored and had less stamina and we finished a horrible 18th but our map was completely full.


I’m not sure I have the energy for a review of this event right now. And I don’t want to be accused of being nothing but negative again. But I can’t let this go by without providing some feedback from my team because I just don’t want to see this event again in it’s current form. I have not seen morale this low in a long time. I know it all has to do with the luck of your initial placement, but in the case of my team our placement was such that despite good strategy and alliances, etc… we ended up surrounded by a team with deeper wallets. I don’t blame them or call it bullying- I’m sure we would have done the same in their position. But the end result is that we only had one option for a team to hit for the majority of the event.

Some have said that we should not be allowed to hit the same player over and over (as has been the case in other events). And I can see how that has been an issue in this event. It does feel like farming. By the end of the first night, I had a guy hit me outside the event because I had already hit him so many times inside the event. lol But I don’t see how limiting hits could work in this event. When a team is stuck hitting only one other team, if you are forced to cycle through 10 players on that team it could be a challenge. Little players could easily be screwed in that case if they don’t have at least 10 players on the opposing team that they can beat.

Even with the ability to hit one player over and over, smaller players became really demoralized in this event. And larger players got really bored. So the end result is that most of our players decided to save their energy for another event. Which only exacerbated the problem of us being surrounded. lol

I don’t pretend to have the answers for a solution to these problems. But there need to be mechanisms that allow teams to attack more than one or two teams in an event. It’s just not fun for the many teams, like mine, who end up surrounded for the whole event. By the end, I would have even appreciated having the ability to hit the Blackbloods as an option. Maybe offer separate gauntlet islands or a stand-alone PVP Blackbloods island for teams to hit who get screwed with their initial placement? Just a thought.

Either way, please, please don’t bring this back in it’s current form. @PGSqurl


I liked the idea of the event but definitely need some changes before next time. We need a raid button, it gets old hitting the same bases over and over. During the event we only managed to fight 2 different teams so It gets really repetitive and boring quick. By the 3rd I was already tired of the event.