Kingdom Wars - Or Going No Where?


Well, here it comes again. Lets see if there will be any new changes or fixes to the event.:thinking:


This one AGAIN??

I was really hoping for Feeding…I guess its going to be another 9 weeks until we get another feeding.


Them blackbloods better fork out more points this time!!


Yup lol The spring season started with a feeding event so i doubdt we will have another one untill the very end or start of the next season;)
Everyone is waiting on it but generaly its only once a season😉


Except for that time last year when we had 2 in a season because one was at the beginning of the summer season.

I must say Im very disappointed we’re getting this event again so soon. It costs WAY too many resources to get anywhere in this event and most of the time you’re just mindlessly grinding the same blackblood base for basically no points. I going to assume no real improvements were made and it’s mostly a few cosmetic touch ups like different color territory for each team. if we were going to have a repeat pvp then it should have been TG. At least that one can be fun.


Well, I’m pretty sure it was stated in one of the streams that they’d do Kingdom Wars twice this season because it’s a new event that needs balancing and ironing out. It makes sense to me. Hoping that there were some adjustments over last time, though :slightly_smiling_face:


each team needs it’s own color on the map. Your team should be green. When all enemies are red, you can’t tell what team holds what without clicking on each one. It should be visible without interaction.


You can.figure it out by looking at the boundaries, but I agree colors would be better. Like conquer the world had colors.

And if they would go ahead and make the rest of the event like conquer the world that would be nice too.


Guess i need to figure out what this event is. I missed the last one…but from the looks of it so far, open wallet, win. Close wallet, lose. :man_shrugging:


Yeah that’s pretty much it. Especially with energy cost resets only once per day so you basically can’t afford to do more than a few runs each day.


You got it.

Sums up the event perfectly.

I wonder why the GPF didn’t see that coming?

Or maybe NONE of their warnings were heard…


Pg has actually listened to the GPF on quite a few things and acted upon it. Not all of the feedback presented, but they do always listen.


Illusion is a powerful tool.

Even the forums… Are they real? Or do they serve a specific purpose… One PG could never admit because, if they did, the forums would no longer serve that purpose?

It really depends upon how cynical you want to be.


Hearing and listening are not really the same thing. Are they?

Also, I did not say the GPF had accomplished nothing. I just find it difficult to believe these players would have failed to see the same problems with this event that other players were able to identify immediately after it was announced.


Hmmm, I would move it from a hearing/listening dichotomy to a listening/understanding (believing) one. We’ll have to see what they listened to this iteration.


The gpf didn’t get to see the event pre release to my knowledge… this event was in the works before they formed


I think this post wins the award for the most paranoid post I’ve read all week.

“Yes, half of the supposed “players” on the War Dragons forums are PG sleeper agents pretending to be normal players for some nebulous, indiscernible shadow conspiracy.”

“Pffft, you still believe in the War Dragons forums?”


Let’s try very hard not to go full Godwin on the forum, please.


For those who don’t get the reference:


I dont know this reference.

Edit: If I had scrolled down a little further someone already posted the answer.