Kingdom Wars popups

Can you PLEASE stop the kingdom war popups?


Pretty please?

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With sugar on top…

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And a cherry

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I suggest, change it to only show up when your team conquers a city in a new hex so we know to put our defender there, not every single time we conquer a city. It’s useless to have it every single time

Welcome to the Internet circa 1999. Oh hell, for some sites, even today.

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Did someone ask for more popups??

Hi! I’m Clippy and it looks like you’re trying to take a hex.

I’d help you with that, but the team is aware of the problem and will probably resolve it sometime after all your lands have been taken and you have been driven back into the sea.

Have a nice day!


They heard our complaints about how depressing the 500 “you lost a territory” emails were so they decided to alert us to something more positive and want to make sure we see it :rofl:


Clippy where have you been for the past 15 years!!

I think the pop ups are completely useless. You can see if you conquered a territory because it will turn green.
The flashing tabs, pop ups, etc. should be optional like the green arrows for base upgrades, I think.

Psst. Best place to discuss KW is here

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Please re-direct any further comments you have to the thread that @MiniMegs has so helpfully linked for us. Thank you.

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