Kingdom Wars Revamp: The Islands+


Introduction & Goals

Kingdom Wars is an event that has the promise of being strategical, fun, and rewarding to active and organized team. However, the current system for the event is broken in just the right ways to encourage sandbagging, pure pay to win, and completely ruins the event for teams deemed unlucky by their starting place and league. My personal goal for writing this is to save the event for the players, while ensuring the profit for PG stays relatively unchanged with minimal changes to the current structure.

Current Event & Identifying Issues

To Identify some specific issues, let us first identify ourselves with a simple version of the map. All the texture has been removed and I have given simple outlines and colors to help illustrate what we are looking at. Below is the simple map as the event currently exists.

Map Key
Black = borders
Orange = Major Monuments
Blue = Minor Monuments
Red = Current starting locations

With this map, the natural issues of the event are not particularly apparent to someone who may not have struggled in the event or studied the event in depth. I have done both. My team has come in bottom 10 for D2 as well as top 3 for D2 with the only difference being our starting location and the locations of others. This leads us to issues #1: starting location

Issue #1: Starting Location
Your starting location for this event completely dictates your strategy for the event. You may be lucky and have your back to a water hex and have no one that can come at you from behind, you may be in the middle of the map with teams on every side, you may be between three teams and the major monument, you may have teams between you and every monument, etc. The choice of strategy is stripped by this forced location and by the fact that starting locations are not all equal.

Issue #2: Pay to Win
I think we all recognize and respect that PG has to make money. However, Kingdom Wars is completely dominated by this Pay to Win feature that is worse than any other event. As players and teams are limited to who they can hit due to their location, this means a team that got unlucky enough to be near or surrounded by a team that can spend more than them has no way to continue in the event due to lack of choices. Strategy, as well, is completely removed by the Mega Coin and the pay to win feature.

Issue #3: A Team Ruining the Event
If you are unlucky enough to have a sandbagging team in your league, or simple a team that is working their way up and is over powered for the league, the event is near ruined. This is due to the fact that their bases, nearly all of them, are difficult to impossible to hit and their spending habits/activity just wipe everyone off the map. No one wants to be surrounded the whole event unable to do anything. It is demoralizing and boring.

In the same breath, with the starting location issues and politics in game, a team may find themselves with a vendetta against yours who do nothing other than ensure your team suffers. This same occurrence is true with overly aggressive teams too. The issue with this is that there is nothing a team can do, no matter how logical, strategic, or active they are.

Issue #4: Repetitive
There are not many targets to choose from and people are pushed into hitting the same base over and over in a very predictable manner. This pushes the event from fun to dull.

Issue #5: Wildfires
Wildfires were introduced as a way for players to be able to compensate for the loss of the bonus meter without the need to be online constantly to maintain it. However, it is time consuming to build this meter and is in fact not worth it as it is exists now.


  1. Your starting positon changes the event and dictates what you do
    1b. Starting positions are not all equal
  2. Pay to win
  3. If you have sandbaggers (or are weak for your leage) the event is near ruined. 3b. Aggresive, stupid, or teams with a vendetta for you can ruin the event.
  4. Repetitive (not many targets, predictable, same bases)
  5. Wildfires are time consuming and not worthwhile.

Proposed Map

With all of these issues, I have come up with an alteration to the current map that I feel will solve many of the issues we see while maintaining the original map to a degree.

Map Key
Black = borders
Orange = Major Monuments
Blue = Minor Monuments
Pink = Epic Monuments
Red = Starting Position Off-Limits

The original map remains in terms of boundaries and monuments. Two additional islands have been added. The Northern Island is the Champions Island, and the Eastern Island is the White Flag island. Red marks show on the map all the off-limits hex areas for starting location. Allow me to walk you though the functions of this map, and then we will revisit the previously identified issues.

Starting the Event
Throughout Treasure Hunt, every team would be able to choose a starting location on the main island. Every starting location must be 2 hexagons from a Minor Monument, and 3 hexagons from a Major Monument. The red spots on the map show these borders clearly on the main island. Any officer may move the starting capital up to 5 times during the treasure hunt period. If two teams select the same hexagon, a “chicken” effect is put into place. If neither team move their capital, the game will randomly select which team gets that hexagon as their capital and the other team would be randomly assigned a capital.

White Flag Island
A team leader may choose to move to the White Flag island at any time. A 12 hour wait period will be put into effect. During this 12 hours, a team officer or leader may cancel the move to the White Flag Island. Once they move, any owned hexagons will be transformed into blackblood owned hexagons.

The WFI has no monuments and each hex of land is worth half as much as the hexagons on the main island and the blackblood bases to hit are worth a maximum of 100 points (25 less than the blackbloods on the main island). the Purpose of this island is for teams who feel they have no way out can go and continue to play the event for themselves. Once a team moves to the WFI, they may not return to the main island.

Champions Island
Once a team earns XXX,XXX points (I am not sure on the right number and feel I need to do some extensive research on this), a team may move to the Champions Island. The CI only has three starting places, and only three teams may be there at any time. Once moved to the CI, any own hexs on the main island will be transformed into blackblood owned hexagons.

The CI has three “Epic Monuments”, as shown in Pink, and are worth four times the amount per hour as a Major Monument. The hexagons are worth twice as much on the CI as the main island. The blackblood bases are worth up to 200 points on the CI and team owned hexagons give the same amount of points as hitting a minor monument on the main island. The purpose of this island is to give the top three teams in the event a higher intensity (high risk and reward) section to compete in the event.

Addressing the Issues

With this proposed map, let us now look at the previously identified issues and speak about how we might have or might further address them.

Solving Issue #1: Starting Location
Teams would now have the choice of starting locations. They could work with allies, place themselves in the position best for their own team strategy, and could change this strategy five times during the 24 treasure hunt, eliminating most issues with timezones and placements.

Solving Issue #2: Pay to Win
While the Champions Island alone would not help with the Pay to Win issue, it is a step in the right direction. What I believe should be added additional would be to have Mega Coins count towards personal points but only take the HP from the hex equal to a Super Attack.


In a perfect world, I would personally love to see a decline in the value of a Maga Coin as related to HP. For example, the first Mega Coin used did MC damage same as it gives personal points. The second MC would do 80% HP damage but give full personal points. The third MC would do 60% HP damage but give full personal points. I’d like either a reduction by 20% per hit that resets with energy OR a 10% reduction that never resets. This would also add more to strategy, but I realize would take more coding work.

Solving Issue #3: A Team Ruining the Event
With the additions of the two island plus the choice starting place that can be changed five times, I think the issue of a single team ruining the event has been addressed. Sure that team that massive for the league will still win, but they are less likely to ruin the entire event for teams anymore.

Solving Issue #4: Repetitive
I believe the raid button must be added back into this event. This would help the repetitive flying greatly. I also think the additional hexagons in the form of two new islands will open up the event to more changes. I am still not sure if this is enough, however. I did have two additional ideas:

  1. Energy reset more often (every 12 hours)
  2. Portals that teams can claim to give them access to a different side of the map.

I think adding both of these would allow for a really fun event. I do not think they should be added at the same time as the rest, but rather in the second iteration so that the other major changes (islands, starting locations, raid button) can be observed and monitored.

Solving Issue #5: Wildfires
Very simply, either the cost to use these should be greatly reduced (down to 50 flames) an/or the point value needs to be greatly upgraded. Reducing down to 50 flames but also reducing how many points it gives would be no better than completely doing nothing, for clarity. Everyone has access to these, and every player deserves to have their time feel like it’s worth something good.


I am extremely open to conversation on this with the community. I would most like people to first think about issues they have with the event as well as other solutions or even reactions to this. I will reserve the second comment on this thread to collect well thought out feedback and additions.

New Event to replace Kingdom Wars

Suggestions, Comments, and Questions

Any quantity of teams.

Perhaps a team could move every 12 hours. As a side thought, I realize I will need to add reserved tiles for people to move to WFI.

(Love this suggestion and it’s something I will be adding to the map!)

No. This is a high risk, high reward island.



I honestly love this very detailed and well-thought remodelling of yours. I have experienced all of the 5 points you brought up, and love the idea of the two additional islands!


I really wish PG payed more attention to your posts. Your ideas are clearly thought out and truly superior to what PG keeps coming out with.


First of all, congratulations for the very deep and thought post. Is kind of a luxury these days.
Question: the white flag island is ‘per team’ (exclusive to a team that go there) or is for any quantity of teams that want to go there?
By the size I think is the later. In that case, base assignment is done the same way that during treasure hunt? (that was question 2)
And question 3: would be any limit in the quantity of teams that can go to WFI or time-frame when they can go?
Thank you!


The idea is any number of teams.

Hmm. I’d say yes. This question and your next got me thinking:

None to quantity, but I’m thinking now that maybe a team can only move every 12 hours? Like openings. I also think I’ll need to set spots aside for capitals so everyone can move. Your thoughts


I’d like to see the water features become pathways rather than simply borders. Teams that conquer hexes next to the water should be able to project power down the channel.


Oh interesting! I was thinking portals in my head. What if there were “docks” at specific points that allowed you to travel to any other dock (in the same island)


Yeah docks would work - make them another feature teams can aim for that are not monuments.


My initial thought is that you need to control the two hexes by a dock to control it. I’ll draw some things in the map when I’m home and load it into the second post there. Love it!


Maybe add more water too :eyes: there’s space for it since the point earning capacity of the new map has increased.


The issue I see with the CI is that it’s basically first in best dressed. The second team coming in will need to contend with the first team having hit all the hexes already - particularly if its you-know-who. Also, how can team #4 overtake team #3 to make it into the CI?


Once three teams are there, in this model, the island is closed. Perhaps a function to reset the CI?

The goal was to give the top teams something to have high risk high reward for. A team would have to make the choice - is it better for me to go here or stay on main island? This would help everyone on the main island by giving the pushers somewhere else to go.

Do you have an alternate suggestion? I’m so open ears


Is it possible to get kicked from the CI, since there’s only 3 spots? Since you’re giving up all of your land on the main island, seems like at least until you get established, you’re likely to fall behind. For that matter, not crazy about letting teams rush ahead and gaining exclusive access to the “best” land. And selfishly, my team is mostly working adults and we don’t kick into full gear until Friday night or Saturday, would hate to miss out because we can’t start running at the gun.

Will think about a constructive suggestion for it myself, but that part seems like it needs some more work. I like the general idea, just need to hammer out the details.


Mmm, getting kicked from the CI I don’t think should happen, as it’s meant to be a high risk and high reward space. Hexes are worth a lot, monuments are too, and better personal prizes. But you’re right you have to give up all your land to do so.

Personally the CI was never meant to be a “anyone has a shot at this” type of thing. It was designed to be for the highest performing team. I never set the points to get it, so perhaps it usually opens Saturday ish, but I would prefer for it to open early Friday on average


I hope PG pays more attention to this post than they did to the post about bringing back an XP event.


Thanks for the well thought-out proposal! Here are a few thoughts:

Starting the Event- I like this idea (letting teams pick their starting location). It will be interesting to see how it plays out, but it’s definitely better than what we have now and it makes for some interesting strategy!

White Flag Island- I’m not sure I understand how this is different from the current mechanic of hitting one’s own base hex for points? Granted, the point values may be different, I don’t remember. Or is your intention for teams to be able to own hexes in the White Flag Island and gain points over time from them as they would in the main island? I guess I don’t really see this as a “fix” for teams who are surrounded by a bigger team because it’s still a major bummer of an event if you are stuck with 100 points as the highest amount you can get for the rest of the event. I mean, yes, it’s better than nothing but it’s still a crappy outcome for those teams. I don’t see many teams taking that option unless the event is pretty much ruined for them anyway. And it won’t be much better for them after moving to the WFI. lol

Champions Island- This is a good concept. And actually this, I think, has a better chance of “saving” teams from Issue #3 (A Team ruining the event) than the White Flag Island. The one aspect that others have pointed out is that once a team gets there the points are so great that it’s impossible for anyone to catch them and/or kick them out (unless two teams arrive at nearly the same time). I’m not sure there’s really a way to address that and I think the benefits of the island outweigh the sort of “uncatchable” status that it bestows. But it might be good to increase the number of teams allowed up there to 5 or 6 since those are the event ranks that are usually fought hardest over? And instead of setting a point level- maybe you could just say whatever teams are in the top 5 or 6 by half-way through the event, automatically go to the Champions Island to fight it out? Just a thought…


I don’t think teams should be kicked from the CI. The island was designed for the teams who basically make the current Kingdom Wars a shit show. Id rather those teams be stuck fighting each other, and I think it benefits everyone else for them to be there.

I do think that the island should have an opening time. Maybe Friday afternoon PST where the top 3 teams, get moved to the CI. That way all 3 teams get placed at the same time and have an equal opportunity to compete.


My rationale behind 3 teams on the CI was so that people could still fight over spots 4 and 5 which are lumped in with 3 for team prizes. I would really like it be a choice, a gamble, rather than a forced thing for teams.

For the WFI, the goal was for teams to be able to hold hexes and still earn points. Take away the demoralization of hitting one’s own capital and instead think of it like an advancement to the rear type strategy.


This idea is really good. The “high risk, high reward” thing is pretty interesting as well