Kingdom Wars Revamp: The Islands+


Well, last KW, my team WAS the team that made two teams hate the event. Worked out an alliance with a neighboring team and a second neighbor had a ridiculously weak top level base that half our team could rip through solo. We squished a fourth team between us and completely destroyed their will to fight. Not saying I’m proud of any of this, but we played the event and the map as it was designed and finished 1st with the ally getting 2nd. And for that matter, we’ve been that team twice now in what, four or five KW events?

But as I said… We didn’t (and usually don’t) get rolling until Friday night. So we wouldn’t have been separated out as desired.

I get that certain leagues have certain teams (or team?) that mega everything into submission, but that’s not every league, and I’m not a fan of the idea of essentially declaring a winner because someone jumps out to a fast start. If you’re going to do that, just do rounds period.


What would be the alternate in your mind? To me, I honestly think waiting until Saturday to open it is just too late. That’s 3.5 days of torture in some leagues.


Ability to change capital location is a must - an essential step.

One thought on real estate value - instead of separate islands, what if we adopted a King of The Hill model, where real estate at the top of the island is worth more, and real estate at the bottom is worth less? Top teams will rise to the top, weaker teams will settle to the bottom.


Sheeeee’s BAAAACK! :scream::joy::+1:


Hmm. I think because those big teams would still be able to screw everyone else. Do you remember the time a sandbagging team made a poodle on the map just because they got bored? It literally covered the entire map.


The battle part starts on Thursday afternoon PT, so Saturday afternoon PT would be about 2 days, not 3.5. I think the event should be at least half over before you split teams off… I think events are usually around 100 hours, right? So 50-ish hours, or late Saturday afternoon.

Sticking with the points based island opening would possibly help with your one dominant team problem, though then I don’t know who the heck would agree to be the second and third team on the CI.

I have some ideas running through my brain, will try to get them over here tonight between my attempts to raid food that isn’t there.


Do you HAVE to go into CI? Because if I was team #2 in your league I’d choose not to… :slight_smile:

I’ll think a bit more about the waterways and CI issues - just at work and multi tasking isn’t a strong point of mine :rofl:


Hmm. I can see what you’re saying. A large part of me still disagrees because I feel like even 2 days having that team in the main island would suck for those that have to put up with it. However, I understand what you’re saying with having people on the CI all start at the same time too.

As a compromising idea, I’d suggest 48 hours is when it opens, but that people can claim one of the three starting points as soon as 24 hours in if they reach the required points. It should still always be optional and i still think teams should be required to get a certain score.


The who now? :scream:


This thread…


No freakin way🤣


I like most of this. There are still things to be fleshed out, but it’s a great start.
I have a few thoughts about the CI:
• Make it bigger, and make it harder to move quickly (or maybe you already have) to help reduce the bonus of getting there early.
• Allow more ports of entry - maybe 5, maybe even more.
• Put JUST ONE Mega-monument in the middle. It takes a long time to get there, and EVERYONE will be fighting for it.
• Maybe the entry ports can move in a few hexes closer as the event progresses, giving “late starters” a more fair shot?
• Make it worth leaving the main map.

I love the idea of limiting the Mega-coin impact on tile HP. I would even go as far as to include super-attacks and maybe even wildfire attacks. Make it OK to pay to get personal points, but not buy a win for the team.


So something we spoke about above is:

That is a hard no for me.

Mmm, but I would rather them fight over the 3 since there are 3 teams there.

See above.

Do you feel this isn’t enough? There are 12 major monuments-worth of points in those three Epic Hex’s alone and more points in the normal hexes than nearly the whole major map, I believe.


I’ll be on later to comment in more detail. But perhaps instead of making the CI “high risk, high reward” just make it high reward. Halfway through the event perhaps take the top 5 teams and throw them on a different island. All their old lands become blackbloods for the other 20 teams to fight back over the 2nd half of the event. This would give the other 20 teams something to do then without the big teams involved. The top 5 automatically get spots 1-5 on the rankings. Otherwise you’d have a problem with 2nd or 3rd in your scenario or 2nd-5th in mine because those 1 or 2 massive teams will just take the whole CI anyway and there will be 0 reward. If the goal is to get rid of the massive spending teams and sandbagging, make the first half something to shoot for and the second half for the bottom 20 something fun.


Mmm. Nope. I am against this on principal.

Also against this. I think teams should have a choice in their strategy.

This would happen with whichever team(s) choose to go to the CI anyway.


That’s the high risk. Does a team want to go for the CI and the massive rewards, or not. One team always will, but will two more? It brings variety. It also allows spots 4-5 to be fought over (which share rewards with 3) with people who don’t get a spot on the CI.

They already have to get a certain number of points in order to be eligible for the CI.


Interesting, yeah any Sapphire team would walk an entire map at gold costs per square so sandbagging is a legitimate issue. I’ve never had a good position in this event. Always get stuck between top few teams for that round and they are always allied. It’s absolutely terrible. We generally do fairly well despite this, but I have drooled over not being positioned between 5-7 other teams.


You could have the top three teams in a round automatically placed there and their land on the main island cleared. At the end of round two the top three teams on the main island are automatically placed on the epic island and the their land cleared, the three teams that were on the epic are sent back to main island and can pick a starting location within the land zone vacated by the promoted teams.


I am very positive that it must be a choice to go to the CI.


Yeah it definitely makes it more strategic if you pick when you go. But once you’ve got your three teams there then it seems no one else could get in. Am I missing a piece?


That is correct.