Kingdom Wars Revamp: The Islands+


I am wondering if we are missing the boat…what if we could get rid of the problem of where did you start and who is going to what island.

What if instead we took the main island and changed it to a small island with 25 teams around the border who all had docks.
Then created 5 islands from low value up to high value and placed docks on each island.
These docks would not be able to be taken over…they are a free gate for any team who wishes to step foot on the island and take their chances.
Each dock would be attached to 3 hexes so no one can come in and simply cut you off from your lands.
This now gives every team the ability to attack every other team and they also have the ability to attack anyone of the islands.
This would also give every team the choice to attack any level island, this means the big spenders will most likely head to the high island while the lowers can head to the small value islands without becoming caught between two big spending teams.

I think this kind of a setup would make this event a little more enjoyable for all the players.


Lol I appreciate your optimism but I doubt PG cares what our opinions are regarding this event.


One hex to rule them all! :slight_smile:


The poodle was cute


Sounds like a really really good new event. @PGChocolate


I’m pretty sure somebody already said this but if there is 3 teams in the CI, what if there was only 2 monuments, not three. That way the teams would always be fighting over who got the second monument and who loses it. It would add more risk to going to the CI. Thoughts? Ideas?


Yep, already brought up.


I like it and I also liked your original map. No matter how the smaller details get ironed out, giving people places to go when they are dominating or being squashed is going to solve a lot of problems.


Yea that’s what got my tiny marbles rolling around upstairs

I don’t know if leagues being more divided as far as out of event ranking/token pay/etc is really an answer as the sandbagging teams would just continue to do so.

I was thinking more of a “bracket” type situation where the leagues would remain untouched but instead of everyone in the league facing off vs each other every event the brackets would be populated based upon some sort of team PvP spending trend. So that the highest spenders aren’t smashing the lowest.

Example split into 3 brackets by $ spent per PvP
Top 8
Middle 8
Bottom 9

I think it would help PG make more $. If the whales want to buy wins let them (they already do) but this would just directly pit them against the other whale spenders every event while bypassing everyone else.
I think it would improve the QoL of the teams that spend less since they aren’t getting smashed by whales (money wise)


I think that’s just fight puts, if I’m honest.


you don’t think the other events are determined by spending?


No, the literal bracket system you’re describing is fight pits.


Sort of in a way? as the top rise to the top and there isnt much overall change after that but thats about it.

Your original proposal
Teams that get stuck next to the top 3 teams are still pretty much going to be SOL. They’d get wrecked the first few days then have to try and recover with the remaining time. At which point they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Throw in the towel and go to loser island or wait for the big team to go to spender island leaving a void behind.
although… they would be “less screwed” than it is currently

Like you said the idea is to essentially isolate the heavy spenders away from everyone else because it ruins the game for others.

Why not run multiple instances of the map and separate them right from the start?


Agree, I think if a CI is properly implemented, a WFI is not needed. Maybe combine controlling the “docks” idea with the CI. Open it once all teams have a chance to participate. Have 3 entry points to the CI with say 5 dock hexes (arbitrary number)… once all 5 hexes are controlled by a team that team migrates to the CI, that set of docks gets converted to Blackbloods. Dock hexes can have higher HP than normal. Once 3 teams are in CI, they’re all locked in there :slight_smile:


Because everything in mine is a choice.

So a race to docks? I think people will complain, again, that fast moving teams have the advantage.


I like the idea, as a whole. Wallet Wars needs some major fixing. Anything that allows a team to still earn decent points while still competing with other teams while the big boys in the subleague do their thing, is a good thing. As it stands now, the big boys have every incentive, and if their wallets are large enough, to steamroll the entire map, thus making for a long, boring, and not very rewarding weekend for anyone not fairly loose with Mr. MasterCard, Mrs. Visa, or Master Discover.

I know I’m gonna regret saying this, but they couldn’t make it any worse, could they? looks at sub-league prizing, nervously


Yep, that’s what I figured you’d think… Personally, I’d rather have more teams in contention for longer than 2 days, and I’d rather have more teams have a chance to battle for the CI in general, but I see where you’re coming from.

To be honest, I would be very surprised if more than 2 of the CI teams land in the top 5 in most cases. That’s set up perfectly for two teams to hold the third in its starting zone for under 100 VP/hr for 3 days.


My personal opinion is to procedurally generate the map, seperately every time for every group in every tier… and run rounds where a map is played, points totalled, then a new map with new neighbors is generated and everything starts over, and only points accumulated.

Make the hexes much easier to capture, so that each round plays out much like the current entire event, and it will be much less of a boring grind.


So…take away every semblance of long term strategy and make it just like Money Pits? No. This thread is for comments around the OP I made, not completely different suggestions. Please go make your own topic.


I love your ideas for KW, I can see them majorly improving the event. I read several of the replies but not all, so I apologize if I bring up something already suggested. Most obviously I guess is how I edited CI. It was pointed out in an earlier reply that 2 teams could easily keep the third team locked down with minimal territories on CI, this would make that much harder. I really like the high risk/high reward concept but other than a team giving up their territories to move to CI,I fail to see much risk as the points lost could be quickly made up. I’ll come back to this …

My understanding is that WFI will be exclusive to each team. I agree that if a team chooses to bail out of the main map to WFI, that move should be final for the remainder of the event. Being exclusive, regardless of other teams going to WFI, it would remain vacant for all teams who haven’t chosen that route.

Returning to my idea to make CI more of a risk. What if, once CI became available, every 12 hours or so the 3rd place team was exiled to WFI. My thoughts are that a % of the total number of territories that team held on CI would transfer to WFI since they didn’t choose to go there. The VP/h however would be drastically reduced to that of the WFI territories. During the CI round prior to exile, other teams having met the point requirements could place a claim on the CI starting point of the team they think won’t make the cut. A cut off time of say the halfway point in the round would increase the difficulty of choosing the right team. At the end of the round, the team that chose correctly would have their capital moved to the CI starting point. Once their land has been reverted to blackbloods, the team exiled in the previous round should be given the option to have their capital returned to the main map in place of the capital of the team going to CI. Exiles from CI should have a mandatory minimum stay in WFI of one round. Only the capital should be returned to the main map, all other territories would be forfeited and revert back to blackblood