Kingdom Wars Revamp: The Islands+


Map is interesting!

For the Exile to WFI, that would severely punish those who have already given up and gone there. I think this is something that doesn’t work out balance wise, and to be honest, I’m not a fan of being able or being forced to change islands more than once.


From what I see KW has far too many teams for the space it has. My suggestion for that problem is to separate teams in groups of 4 or 5 all in the borders of a smaller hexagon and have them compete to get to one major monument in the center like a gold rush. With minor monuments around of course.

That would prevent a team HQ to be surrounded and have a major goal (very good VP on major) instead of controlling so many lands.

After a round is complete, the top 2 teams would go to the next round with other winning teams. Likely to the fight pits structure, until maybe the 3rd final round. Each stage could be something like duchess, prince and kings arena.

It would also give the chance to conquer bloodlands terrain more often until you have a hot battle royal.

That said, I do like your suggestion way better than the present event


Ok, my understanding of WFI being exclusive was that each team basically had their own. This would mean that even if multiple teams went to WFI, they wouldn’t be together


Just leave it at that. :wink:

It doesn’t help to get things changed if everyone wants to chop up a proposal and turn it into their own.


No. The WFI is a shared island.


@Obfirmo I replied taking this in account. I got what you wanted to say though :wink:


Well Done Red.

Question: When the top 3 teams achieve the CI, space will be left on the main map. When this space opens won’t the teams next to that newly opened area still have the location benefit? In other words, those teams on the opposite side of the top teams area will have no chance at getting those hexes. Placement is still an issue.

The WFI for teams that chose that option, will they be fighting each other also for a few more points or only BlackBloods?


It’s a choice teams have to make. Do you want to be next to a top scoring team and risk them wiping you out, but possibly take their land if they move to the CI?

Starts as all blackbloods, but it can be other teams as well.


Not really, docks wont open until a later time… say a few hours later after event start… so initial positioning is key (for those who are aiming for it) Let the fast and big teams fight it out :slight_smile:

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I still like the other multi island proposal a bit better, the one with treasure chest spawns


So this means no PVP first two weeks of new season, and we have to suffer through another KW…


Where do you get this from? :man_shrugging:

And better at the end of a season that is done than during the discount period of a new season right?


I was really hoping PG might implement this idea before the next Kingdom Wars.

Red did a good job of laying out the problems with the current format and a great solution to fixing them. I would love to hear PG’s thoughts on implenting it. Either that, or what PG’s plan is to deal with said issues.

@PGRocket @PGChocolate


You Make a good point, I was assuming they would have a feed at the end of this season or at the beginning of next season. And there’s never a good time for KW :nauseated_face:… Unless they implement Reds ideas , then it might suck A little less.


As it is now, its true a team can be surrounded by a stronger team and that will lead to boredom. It doesn’t always happen, but we all know it happens often enough.
However, my worry is with the White Flag area is that this now becomes a valid strategy to force teams off the island.

I favor resetting the map every 24h. It seems to solve almost every problem (except for Wildfires being crappy).


And it completely destroys long term planning.


Sure, but then again none of the other events rely on that either. So no big loss.