Kingdom Wars Revamp: The Islands+


Gauntlet -> getting further on the islands to increase PvP Multiplier
Pits -> Stacking VP (but otherwise is a shit event)
Temple -> Plan islands, get to main island

I would say they do.


The ideas are marvelous. Thanks for putting so much work and effort into this.

I would like to share some suggestions, that were also discussed in our team. Maybe it is helpful as well:

Your idea is fine. I would be happy if there is a restriction of using one mega per normal area, maybe two per monument. For individual success the members might use a mega, but it would count maximum like a super attack for the team. However the person can gain full individual points

To encourage teams with a smaller area attacking those with a bigger area, PG made attavking bigger teams more attractive, giving them x% (I am not sure about the value) higher VP. Why not making smaller teams harder to attack, by giving them x% lower VP?
In that way small-area-teams are not stalked by big-area-teams. Big-area-team would need to take into account a loss in points or attacking teams that are on an equal size.

Changing map constallation is a wonderful idea. I would propose every 36h, as 24h is too early, 48h is to rare.
Maybe getting an energy chest reset after every 12 h and maybe one time the reset can be chosen by the team’s officers to give it a more strategic touch and help teams in different time zones.


How about map that is working like a real world map - cycled on the borders? It could be infinitely scrolled in any direction, since it is wrapped around. Then, as we have 5 teams, we can place teams in a 5x5 matrix like:


T - team starting position, b - Blackbloods.
I just put 3x3 for convenience, and just one Blackbloods in between. Could be easily scaled to 5x5.

If such map would be cycled - any team will have exactly the same amount of neighbors.

And then the monuments could be added, also in symmetrical way.

P.S.: haven’t read the whole thread - may be was already proposed. Just scrolled till the end, looking for yellow posts :slight_smile: